5-Star Luxury

When it comes to 5-star breaks, the word ‘luxury’ seems to be overused massively. Perhaps more importantly, what actually constitutes a luxury break? Some things that are generally accepted are excellence in service, room quality, restaurant quality, and top-class amenities.

While undoubtedly the destination of your holiday is important, a break is more inclined to be luxurious based on the overall experience that you have. And in order to have that fantastic overall experience, there are a few things you should expect when you’re looking for a luxury break.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring all the things that make a luxury break all the more special.

The Check-in Process Should be Seamless

It should be personalised, friendly and efficient. This is the first experience that you as a guest have with the hotel: this is where they should ‘wow’ you with professionalism.

The Service Should be Discreet

This means that they should know your name and room number, but shouldn’t broadcast it. In a luxury hotel, especially one frequented by high-profile clientele, this can be a privacy and security issue. At Le Mas Candille, we are known for our discretion and professionalism.

Small, Refined Touches

Luxury hotel getaways are experts of branding

Any accommodation can get a comfortable king-size bed and all the essentials in. A luxury hotel will go the extra mile with the minute details.

Think slippers made of better material than mass-produced terry towelling, and instead produced from quality fabric that you can take home with you. Think hidden electrical wires. Think real milk in the fridge. Think complimentary branded golf balls (and enough of them!)

No Hidden Charges on a Luxury Break

All-inclusive means just that: everything is included. No extra charges for wi-fi, the on-site gym, or your shoeshine. A truly luxury hotel wouldn’t charge you for the minibar in your room, either. 

Dining of the Highest Quality

Dining on a Luxury Break

A luxury hotel getaway will not only have a restaurant of the upmost quality, but it will also have a choice of fantastic dining facilities. A truly exceptional dining experience will be internationally recognised: the Michelin-starred Le Candille is the perfect example. (Please note: due to the situation with Covid-19, Le Candille is closed until the spring of 2021).

Exceptional Transport Links

Travelling on a luxury break demands transport befitting of a 5-star hotel.

Airline broker Jet-Miles can arrange private jet charters for 4-16 passengers for fast and efficient air travel in France, Europe and across the globe, with departures and arrivals at Cannes-Mandelieu Airport, just 9km from Le Mas Candille.

Founded by two former executives from UK company Hunt & Palmer, Jet-Miles was originally launched to provide easy access to private jet charters. Today, the company has direct links to multiple airline partners and their fleets and has developed numerous air travel solutions to any commercial airport in the world, including private jet rentals as well as commercial airline charters.

Efficient, discreet and tailor-made, Jet-Miles plane charters work to your requirements and your budget.

A top-class hotel will also know the local area inside and out. Recommendations will not be the tourist traps; instead, it will be the little-known places and the best ways to get there.

At Le Mas Candille, we are dedicated to giving you the true five-star hotel experience in the south of France. Our on-site spa combined with exceptional dining options and a variety of first-class rooms and suites ensures that you will have a luxury break to remember.