Le Mas Candille loyalty card is an exciting opportunity for returning guests of the hotel to earn rewards for their stays and purchases.

Le Mas Candille loyalty card 2019/2020 for is valid for the Autumn-Winter-Spring season and can be used between September and June every year. This includes from Sunday to Thursday, and excludes bank holidays.

Le Mas Candille’s loyalty card is a chance for hotel, spa and restaurant guests to be able to earn rewards on their spend at Le Mas Candille.

We strive to reward guests and encourage their loyalty to our establishment with our loyaly card..

Once a guest has collected twelve stamps, they will be rewarded with a complimentary one-night stay at Le Mas Candille

This is the occasion to start building up to your free stay with us.


How does the loyalty rewards programme work?

Le Mas Candille’s loyalty reward card programme works on any purchase made at the hotel, spa and restaurant.

Guests will receive a stamp for each purchase made in the Le Candille gastronomic restaurant,and in the Spa Candille for each amount of 60 euros or over. This includes purchases made online through our website.

After 12 stamps, guests will receive a complimentary one-night stay at Le Mas Candille. Each loyalty card belongs to one client and cannot be transferred to another individual.


The conditions

The loyalty reward programme is only valid from September to June, and from Sunday to Thursday, excluding bank holidays;
Guests receive one stamp for every 60 euros spent (therefore a purchase of 120 euros will be equivalent to two stamps);
Beauty treatments and partner treatments (such as our reflexology treatment) are not included in the loyalty programme;
The loyalty reward programme does not apply to group restaurant reservations of 6 people or more;
In the case of a couple paying for a meal at one of our restaurants, the stamp will go to the purchaser only, and not to both individuals.

We’re looking forward to welcoming our guests back with their loyalty rewards card