There are many benefits to having a winter break and going abroad for some winter sun, and France is the perfect location for doing so. Keep reading to discover the full benefits of winter vacationing, and why Southern France is the ideal place to take yours. If you’re unfamiliar with the region, fret not! We’ll also be pinpointing exactly which locations are most worth seeing when visiting France in winter.

The Benefits of Taking a Winter Holiday

Places to visit in France in winter; Cannes

Cannes in Winter; a tad different to blighty!

When you hear the word ‘holiday’, the first thing that usually springs to mind is busy airports and jam-packed resorts in the height of the school holidays, with families of Brits jetting off to catch some reliable summer rays. The key reason to consider taking a holiday outside of peak-time is therefore the exact opposite; to avoid the rush!

When vacationing in the winter months, what you lack in heat, you more than make up for in peace, quiet and a more authentic holiday experience, with drastically lower tourist volumes, and cheaper prices to boot since restaurants and shops are more eager for your custom.

What’s more, whilst you might not catch a tan, if you pick the right location, you’re still guaranteed much more enjoyable weather than the British wintertime brings. Known for its perpetually pleasant climate and ample sunshine, the South of France in winter experiences average temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius. As Southern France is quite large, this number can vary; pick the right spot, such as the sheltered area of the Côte d’Azur and you could experience even more Spring-like temperatures of 17 degrees in November.

These temperatures are ideal for walking around and exploring, allowing you to see the sights much more comfortably, which is amplified further by the lack of hustle and bustle! We highly recommend you booking either a private or free walking tour of neighbouring Antibes with Cedric from Free Walking tours. These are fun tours in English, around the best spots in Antibes, (and coming soon in Cannes too), and not to be missed!

Places to Visit in France in Winter: Where to Go and What to Do?

South of France in winter

The delightful town of Mougins at Christmastime

While the North of France offers its own festive delights, such as world-class Christmas markets and the magic of an offseason Paris, we’re suckers for the comfortable climate and relaxed atmosphere only found in the South.

Indeed, Southern France offers much more reliable temperatures that it’s Northern counterparts, making it a solid choice if you’re planning on visiting France in Winter, with the aforementioned Côte d’Azur reflecting temperatures more akin to the Italian riviera. This is due to the Côte d’Azur having its own microclimate, making it not uncommon to be caught wearing a t-shirt on Christmas day (the dream!).

The French Riviera is comprised of three key locations; Saint Tropez, Cannes, and Nice, making these some of the top places to visit in France in winter. Enjoyable weather aside, the French Riviera also offers plenty of enticing winter activities. Experience world-class vineyards and historical/cultural points of interest, such as the Mougins Museum of Classical Art, without the crowds that usually accompany them, alongside stellar ski slopes – all within driving distance.

You’ll also find local Christmas markets and festivals all throughout the Côte d’Azur region, each offering a truly authentic, charming experience. Cannes too boasts a fair which runs throughout Christmas and the new year, superb nightclubs and restaurants (Baoli nightclub and the fresh seafood restaurant Astoux & Brun are personal favourites), whilst the Lerins islands in the bay of Cannes are just a 10 minute ferry ride away, and simply stunning in the wintertime.

What’s more, wherever you decide to visit, you’ll always be in for a treat with fabulous French dining, which only becomes even more mouth-watering and decadent around the festive season.

France in winter where to go: Mougins

Nothing says winter like Le Mas’s cosy bar and roaring fire!

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