Certified reflexologists Nicolas JAUSSAUD

and Hélène VIGHETTI are available by appointment

at le Spa Candille


Reflexology sessions in the spa therapy rooms can be booked with Hélène VIGHETTI

and with Nicolas JAUSSAUD


Packages available:

60 minutes of foot reflexology and/or hand reflexology for €80.
90 minutes of foot reflexology and/or hand reflexology with an introduction to hand self-massage for €120.

Simple to learn and easily accessible, hand reflexology is an ideal self-massage technique. A tension-relieving self-massage to the palms, fingers and thumbs has a quick effect, soothing and relaxing tired hand muscles. Hand reflexology has a complementary effect to foot reflexology, reinforcing stimulation of corresponding body areas.

Should you wish to use the spa’s outdoor facilities, please reserve a full ESPA treatment from the à la carte spa menu.



Reflexology is an ancient alternative therapy which uses pressure point stimulation on the soles of the feet or palms of the hands to encourage natural self-healing processes.
It is based on the principle that specific reflex areas on the feet and hands correspond to various parts of the body (skeleton, organs, glands, etc).
By stimulating these reflex zones, the corresponding body part is stimulated, leading to a rebalancing of the organ’s natural function. The body’s vital energy meridians are also opened up through reflexology. Tension diminishes, stress is reduced and the body’s natural process of toxic elimination is enhanced. Once the various organs are ‘unblocked’, balance is restored and the body can function more harmoniously and efficiently.