The ancient art of reflexology focuses on pressure points on the feet and hands to promote self-healing. Book in for a session with our certified reflexologists Nicolas Jaussaud and Hélène Vighetti.


60 minutes of foot reflexology and/or hand reflexology for €80.
90 minutes of foot reflexology and/or hand reflexology with an introduction to hand self-massage for €120.

Simple to learn and easily accessible, hand reflexology is an ideal self-massage technique. A tension-relieving self-massage to the palms, fingers and thumbs has a quick effect, soothing and relaxing tired hand muscles. Hand reflexology has a complementary effect to foot reflexology, reinforcing stimulation of corresponding body areas.

Should you wish to use the spa’s outdoor facilities, please reserve a full ESPA treatment from the à la carte spa menu.


why book direct?

Book directly with us for a fully flexible cancellation policy, the best available room rate and a priority upgrade if available.