It’s Time for Your Trip to the Côte d’Azur

Welcome to the South of France!

If you’re thinking about taking a break, whether long or short, to a place with perfect weather, amazing views and a world-class dining experience and luxury spa… then Le Mas Candille is for you! We are an ideal destination for someone looking for relaxation tailored to their needs and desires.

Our world-class dining experience and award-winning ESPA spa will put you in a holiday mood. What’s more, if you want to do some exploring while you’re with us, check out the blog posts on our website on beaches, golfing and local culture amongst others, for all kinds of ideas on how best to spend your time here and explore the region.

Since finding something to do during your stay won’t be a problem (you may have noticed that Mougins is ideally located right between the sea and the mountains, giving you plenty of options), you may be concerned that getting to the south of France might become the pressure-point of your trip.

Not to worry! We’ve written this blog post to put together just some of the more comfortable ways to get to Le Mas Candille, so that your time here is relaxing from beginning to end.


Planning Your Trip

So, let’s start planning your travel! As we said, the worst thing about holiday booking can be travelling stress. You might have asked yourself some of the following questions:

“Are there any direct flights? I can’t stand layovers.”

“Are they going to be crazily-expensive, with a terrible service?”

“How do I get from the airport? Is there a better option than the bus?”

“What if I’m coming from quite far away? Will getting there take me so long that my trip won’t be worth it?”

“Can you travel to the south of France from my nearest transport hub without having to stop off in other locations?”

Well, at Le Mas Candille, we don’t want anything getting in the way of you enjoying a hard-earned rest! Of course, if you call our reception team they would be more than happy to put you in touch with the relevant tourism and travel agencies to help organize your travel.

However, if you prefer to take care of this yourself, we want to make sure you know that getting to us is quick and easy!

Things to see around Nice

First of all: Where Are You Going?

The most convenient and nearest international airport to Le Mas Candille is Nice International Airport located, unsurprisingly, in the city of Nice. Nice is the regional transport hub and is conveniently located only twenty minutes’ drive from Mougins.

To get from the airport to the hotel, you can arrange with our excellent, multi-lingual reception team to have luxury transport ready to whisk you away from the gate and directly to the pool. Just give our reception a call and we’ll take care of everything: 04 92 28 43 43.

The Local Guide to Nice

Flights to Nice from the United States

Long-haul flights can be so draining. The majority of flights heading towards Nice from the US have to make at least one stop, usually in London, Amsterdam, or Paris. While these airports are lovely, we’ve found a much better option out there for those who want to get to their destination quickly and comfortably.

The exclusively business class airline La Compagnie is launching direct flights from New York to Nice in May at very reasonable prices! The airline has excellent reviews and caters wholly to a higher level of comfort and efficiency.

Why pay twice as much for a business class seat on another airline, which will still have to stop at one of the above airlines, and which could more easily be delayed due to the larger number of customers it has to organize itself around? With La Compagnie, they are dedicating all of their resources to the customer’s comfort, on a faster service. Here’s what their website says about this great travel option:

Starting in May 2019, the nonstop route will operate five times a week, from Wednesday to Sunday, through October. The best part: The first 1,000 passengers to book a ticket will pay a very sweet, limited-edition Discover rate of $1,200 round-trip.

Wow! Seriously, now you’ve got no excuse not to visit us.

La Pergola

Travel to Nice from Other Locations

If you’re heading to Nice from other locations, especially Asia, look to Doha and Dubai as the relevant transport hubs.

Emirates is an international airline based in Dubai, with global flights and high-quality service. Dubai is a beautiful and well-serviced airport, where you can find enormous world-class lounges and satisfy all of your needs while you wait for your flight to Nice. Fancy a massage or a spot of luxury shopping while you wait to board? Dubai Airport has it!

Similarly, Qatar Airways is based in Doha and is an exceptional international airline. The staff are incredibly professional and they do go the extra mile to meet their customers’ needs.

Both of these airlines offer direct flights to Nice from their respective hubs and are a great, comfortable option for those travelling from destinations in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Will Brexit affect my holiday?

Short answer: no!

For those of you travelling from the UK, not to worry! At this stage, Brexit will not have any impact on your ability to travel between the UK and France (and by extension, the rest of the EU) after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. The EU, the UK and the relevant airlines have all committed to maintaining regular flights to ensure a seamless transition period, and UK passport-holders will not need to apply for any kind of European visa until, at the very earliest, 2021.

The key things to remember are to ensure your passport is up to date and valid for at least six months after your planned travel. Also, check back regularly on the website below for details about travelling to France.

The ABTA website has lots of very useful and up-to-date information about travelling to the European Union from the UK, and the British government is regularly publishing updates to EU travel rules for British nationals, such as this updated, personalized guidance post.

As we all know, Brexit is a hot mess, but at least you can come away on holiday to get away from it all!

There! Now that you’ve got your travel sorted out, you can sit back and start looking forward to your relaxing holiday at Le Mas Candille on the French Riviera!

If you’re looking for more affordable ways of getting to Le Mas Candille on the French Riviera, check out our blog, Getting to the French Riviera Without Breaking the Bank.

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