Explore Côte d’Azur

Sparkling sea, elegant towns and offbeat activities

The French Riviera is synonymous with glitz, glamour and gorgeous beaches. At Le Mas Candille you have the best of both worlds. A home-base nestled in the tranquil tree-studded foothills surrounding Mougins, with the bustling resort towns a short drive away.

Glittering Cannes

Just a 15 minutes' drive from Le Mas Candille, the resort town of Cannes is renowned for its annual film festival which draws the rich and famous. When the glitterati aren't in town, you can still brush shoulders with the stars at Allée de Étoiles - the town's answer to Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Take a troll along the Boulevard de la Croisette - a curved promenade lined with sandy, Mediterranean beaches on one side and high-end boutiques on the other. 

Cannes Boulevard de la Croisette. Image courtesy of CRT Côte d'Azur France/Pierre Behar.

Bask on the beach at Saint-Tropez

Beloved by generations of artists, and discovered by the jet set during the 1960's, the resort of Saint-Tropez is synonymous with lavish beach breaks. Head to Quai Jean Jaurès for a glimpse of super yachts docked in the harbour, and settle in for some people watching at one of the elegant bar terraces.

In the old village, the ochre buildings play host to high-end designer labels as well as grocery stores where locals stock up on sun-ripened tomatoes. Then of course, there's the beaches. The chic Club 55 is the most famed, backed by restaurant terraces where Picasso once sat and watched the world go by.

Take a boat trip to Lérins Islands

Hop on a boat in Cannes and in a few short minutes you'll find yourself on either St. Marguerite or the smaller St. Honorat. The former is covered in fragrant pine and eucalyptus forests. Simply find a section of rocky coves to bask in the sun and splash in the clear waters, or follow the marked trails to discover the island.

Head to Fort Royal and see where the man in the iron mask was held prisoner, and learn more about the island's history in the small but interesting maritime museum.

Saint-Honorat Island is the second largest, and the prettier of the two. It is  home to a silent order of monks at Abbaye de Lérins, who tirelessly tend the vineyards to produce wines according to the old ways.

You can sample the seven exceptional wines, as well as handcrafted plant-based liqueurs,on the first Friday of each month. A new addition to the area is the underwater ecomuseum set between the two islands, where statues by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor have been sunk into the clear water for exploration via snorkel. 

Fort de France Villa, Grasse. Image courtesy of CRT Côte d'Azur France.

Learn about perfume in Grasse

Nestled in the hills north of Cannes, Grasse has been at the heart of the Global perfume industry for generations. Take a tour around big perfumeries like Mollinard, Galimard and Fragonard or simply head to the Musée International de la Parfumerie in the town centre to learn more about the art of scent-making.

The landscape around Grasse is studded with colourful flower farms, some of which are open to tourists. Stroll among fields of soft pink tuberose and dusky blue lavender, and soak up the smells destined for designer fragrances. If this visit sparks your interest in perfume making, we’re happy to host classes for small groups back at Le Mas Candille. Simply let us know in advance.

Take a day trip to another country

The Principality of Monaco is just under an hour's drive from Le Mas Candille, and makes a fun day trip for those who want to pop another country under their belt. Arrive before 11:55am to catch the Changing of the Guards, a tradition that has remained unchanged for over a century. Try your luck at Monte Carlo Casino, or simply settle in by the harbour for a glass of champagne and a spot of yacht watching.

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is home to more than four thousand aquatic species including seahorses, jellyfish and rays, as well as artworks by Damien Hirst and Phillippe Pasqua. Motorsport enthusiasts will enjoy stepping into the shoes of their driving heroes by driving the Grand Prix street circuit.

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