A Top-Tier Team

Le Mas Candille’s biggest strength is our excellent team. Their professionalism, friendly dispositions and extensive knowledge are what makes a stay at Le Mas Candille stand out.

We think it’s important for our guests to know more about these team members, and we want to share more about their background and excellent credentials. So, we’ve tracked down and asked our spa therapist and assistant manager of the Spa Candille, Claire, a few questions!


Hey Claire! How long have you worked at the Spa Candille for? And how long have you been a spa therapist for?

I started working at Le Mas Candille hotel in October 2018. I was very well received by Emmanuelle, the Spa manager, who immediately integrated me into the team. I first started as a therapist for 2-3 months, then in February 2019, I obtained the position of Assistant Manager of the Spa Candille.

What made you want to become a spa therapist?

I became a therapist at the age of 18. For me, it feels like a true vocation as well as a very beautiful job thanks to the genuine human contact with the clientele. We have a job that allows us to have enriching experiences because we have the opportunity to work all over the world but also to discover dozens of diversified brands.

Would you say the location & environment of a spa can impact the client’s experience?

A spa’s environment can, of course, have an influence on the customer’s experience, which is one of the reasons why Spa Candille is so popular with customers. It is very well situated, surrounded by a beautiful, quiet and sunny garden with a beautiful view.

What is the process a client can expect to undergo when they arrive at the spa for a treatment?

Clients generally choose to have massages or facials with experienced therapists, for a total relaxation.

(When a client arrives at the Spa Candille for treatment, they are first welcomed at the reception before being taken into the Relaxation Room to unwind. Here, they can enjoy freshly brewed tea and a selection of healthy snacks, while admiring the view of the Spa’s Japanese garden overlooking the Prealps. Once they are taken into a treatment room by their therapist, they will be given a personalised questionnaire to fill out before their treatment. Following it, they can rest in the Relaxation Room or in the Japanese garden.)

Could you discuss some of the Spa Candille’s most popular treatments?

The most popular treatments are the ESPA aromatherapy massage (a relaxing full-body massage using essential oils), the deep tissue massage (a deep massage, supported by stretching) and the facial discovery (care adapted to the skin type, a moment of relaxation that leaves a beautiful skin, refreshed and softened).

You can find more information about these treatments and book them online via our Spa website here.

Spa relax

Who is a spa treatment suitable for?

We receive a lot of external clients. The majority of them live in Mougins and the surrounding towns. However, we also have a lot of hotel clients (especially in the summer with clients from abroad). There are generally more women than men who come to the Spa, however, everyone is welcome! It is accessible only to those over the age of 17.

Which massage would you recommend for a first-timer?

For a first-time client, I would recommend the 90-minutes signature treatment for the back, face and scalp. This is a massage and treatment which allows clients to discover our two specialities and to have a feeling of complete relaxation.

Could you go over some of the Spa Candille’s other, non-massage treatments?

We have several different body rituals. These include the body scrub, full-body massage and very pleasant full-body wrap. These treatments last for 120 minutes, of pure relaxation, and also include full access to Spa Candille’s exterior and interior facilities.

offre spa avril

What are some of the ways in which you adjust your treatments to individual clients based on their specific needs and requests?

Before treatments, we always make sure to inquire with customers about their skin at the time, and about what their skincare routine consists of if they have one,

We have a specialised lamp that allows to fully diagnosis a client’s skin, which is a great advantage for the spa therapist as they can ensure they adapt the treatment to the individual.

Massage au Spa Candille

If you were a spa guest, which treatment would you choose and why?

If I were a Spa Candille client, I would try the soothing holistic treatment. The ESPA body products are of very high quality. I would also like to try the Phytomer facial!

Thanks for chatting with us, Claire!

For more information on the Spa Candille, check out our website. The Spa Candille is open to both hotel and external guests. To get in touch with us, give us a call on +33 4 92 28 43 43, or get in touch with us via Instagram or Facebook.