An excellent team

Mas Candille’s greatest strength is its excellent team. Their professionalism, friendly disposition and in-depth knowledge are what makes a stay at Le Mas Candille stand out.

We think it is important for our guests to know more about our team members and we want to share their experiences and excellent recommendations.

This month, we met up with the general manager of Le Mas Candille, Giuseppe Cosmai, to find out more about him!

Hello Mr Cosmai! How long have you been the General Manager of the hotel?

Good morning and all the best wishes for health, prosperity and happiness for this new year! In May 2021 I will have been the General Manager of Le Mas Candille for ten years. But my arrival at Le Mas Candille dates back to July 2002, when I started as the person in charge of reservations. Almost 20 years!

What gives you the most pleasure in this role?

There are many pleasures in my daily role: working in a unique and beautiful place. I remember very well the first time I passed through the gates… I fell in love with the incredible view of the Pre-Alps, the complicity that binds me with Mark Silver, the owner of Le Mas Candille, we lived through extraordinary moments together, collaborating with a team of professionals who remain faithful to me and this closeness to the clients to whom I give great priority to be able to accompany them with kindness during their stay and answer all their requests.

What was your training and experience before working at Le Mas Candille?

I actually studied tourism rather than hotel management and it was in France on the Côte d’Azur that I became interested in hotels. I started as a simple valet and then climbed up the ladder with a lot of sacrifices but an unfailing will, and here are the results!

In your opinion, what do you like the most about Le Mas Candille?

Beyond the beauty of the place, I believe that our guests love the attention and kindness that we give them every day during their stay with us and even when they leave the hotel. They are an integral part of the Le Mas Candille family. They share our same values. But my primary mission is above all to be attentive to the comments of our guests with a view to making the best possible improvements.

Tell us a little about yourself… Where are you from and how long have you lived in France?

I am 45 years old and was born in Milan. I have been living in France, on the French Riviera, since 1999. I love my adopted country! I return regularly to Italy to be see my family, but for almost a year now, because of the health crisis, I haven’t been able to visit my relatives and believe me, I’m very saddened.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Very little free time! But I do allow myself to travel, discover new destinations, spend time with my family and friends. I also volunteer to host a web radio show (soundradio06) around a very special theme “In search of Happiness”, which reflects my philosophy of daily life.

Thank you Mr Cosmai!

Le Mas Candille is closed for the winter season and we will reopen in April 2021. As our bookings are flexible, why not book a stay now? Discover all our rates and packages here.

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