A Team of Excellence

Mas Candille’s greatest strength is its excellent team. Their professionalism, friendly disposition and in-depth knowledge are what make a stay at Le Mas Candille stand out.

We think it’s important for our guests to know more about our team members and we want to share their experience and excellent references with them.

That’s why we met up with Julien, the deputy catering director and head sommelier at Le Mas Candille.

Hi Julien! How long have you worked at the hotel?

I arrived at Le Mas Candille in February 2016, 5 years ago already!

What gives you the most pleasure in this role?

I enjoy working in the shadows, organising the restaurant as best as possible so that every client has a great time with us.

What was your training and experience before working at Mas Candille?

After hotel school, I specialised in wine in Dijon, then I worked between Courchevel (as sommelier) and Cap Estel in Èze where I took my first job as Head Sommelier with Patrick Raingeard. I spent three years there before starting at Le Mas Candille.

What do you like most about Le Mas Candille?

I hesitate between the restaurant’s large terrace, in the shade under the majestic maritime pines, or the infinity swimming pool overlooking Grasse and the pre-Alps of the Côte d’Azur.

Tell us a little about yourself… where are you from, and how long have you lived in France?

I’m from and grew up in Picardy, I used to lick the dishes my grandmother prepared when I was a child. She gave me a taste for cooking!

During my studies, I went from the kitchen to the pastry shop, then to the dining room where I entered through the door of the sommelier’s shop. This took me to the Côte d’Azur in Èze, and I’ve been here since.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I tinker, I’m “a dabbler in everything”. During the first lockdown, I made homemade cheese (recipe here)! At the moment I am experimenting with aquaponics, an innovative vegetable garden where vegetables or fruits grow by filtering water from fish farms (trout, perch, carp, koi) – a real virtuous circle. Perhaps the agriculture of the future, and why not find it at Le Mas Candille?

Thank you Julien!

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