Le Bistrot du Mas

Le Mas Candille is very happy to welcome Chef Basile Arnaud. The Chef will head up our newest asset: the Bistrot du Mas.

The Bistrot du Mas represents a new culinary adventure. Led by Chef Basile, the Bistrot presents itself as a “bistronomic” experience, through which you will discover a delicious cuisine whose simplicity will exalt your tastebuds.

You will find quality produce and culinary creations dancing their way to your table. Products from our local producers, tasty dishes, the reflection of an authentic, simple and true cuisine. At Mas Candille, the quality of our gastronomy concerns us strongly but also its character. When we talk about the character of a dish or a restaurant, the character of the Chef carries a weight. While everyone uses the same basic ingredients, the choices, experiences and inspirations of a Chef decide the fate of the taste of a dish.

Chef Basile Arnaud au Mas Candille

Chef Basile Arnaud 

So, how did Chef Basile Arnaud come to Le Mas Candille? What were his transformative culinary experiences? What made him want to be a chef?

Fortunately, we have all the answers to these questions! We met up with the Chef to ask him all sorts of questions about his gastronomic career. Here’s what we discovered…

Table d'hôte Chef Basile Arnaud


Question 1: How long have you worked in gastronomy?

I have been working in the hotel business for 21 years. I started in 1998, when I was 17, at the Paul Augier Hotel School in Nice.

Question 2: Why did you become a Chef? 

At first, I wanted to be a waiter and do room service, which I very much enjoyed. But in the first year of hotel school, they teach you how to wait and cook, and that’s when I chose to become a chef! I found that there is much more to learn every day as a chef. But also when I was younger, my family cooked a lot, which also influenced my choice. you can read more about my biography here.

Question 3: Where did you do your training?

I went to hotel school in Nice for three years, where I got my CAP and BEP in cooking, as well an additional training in catering in 2000. I lived in London for four years, where I worked as a kitchen assistant and chef de partie, at Boodles Club. I then flew to Saint-Louis, Missouri, as chef de partie at the Saint Louis Club. After that, my suitcases landed in Australia, where I served as Sous-Chef in several restaurants for two years. And finally, I made my way back to France in 2009!


Question 4: What do you like best about your job?

I like working with the beautiful produce our suppliers provide us, whether it’s meat, fish, fruit, vegetables… We have such a wealth of products in France, it’s a luxury. I think it’s important to share with those who bring us their best quality products. I also like communicating with my teams: sharing, talking, team spirit is important to me. Without the cooks, dishwashers, waiters, and everyone who surround us, we wouldn’t exist!

Cours de cuisine au Mas Candille

Question 5: What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

Greediness, of course! I could eat all day long.

Question 6: Describe your gastronomic style in five words.

My gastronomic style: taste, quality, regularity, rigour, simplicity and abnegation.

Chef Basile at Le Mas Candille 

Question 7: What can you tell us about the new menu at the Bistrot du Mas?

We are creating a new high-quality quality cuisine, made for sharing. This will be renewed every month with a different starter and main course every day. We also have a tapas menu set up, which allows our customers to get together at the bar or the restaurant with their family or with colleagues. After all, grabbing a bite to eat and catching up over a nice glass of wine or a cocktail is great, especially when you’re in such a great place.

dessert Bistrot

Question 8: What is your favourite dish on the new menu?

I must confess, I really like the Beef Wellington, as it reminds me of my time in London, a lot of nice memories.

Question 9: What was your inspiration for the menu at the Bistrot du Mas ?

It’s a melting pot of everything I’ve learnt, seen, tasted and touched during my travels both abroad and in France with many chefs over the years. In this business, you never stop discovering new things and that’s pretty cool!


Come and discover Chef Basile Arnaud’s creations at the Bistrot du Mas

Rendez-vous from January 1st, 2020 to enjoy a unique moment of “bistronomy” in a charming place where the beauty of Provence reigns.

We are open every evening from 7pm to 9:30pm from January 1st to March 31st.

And open for lunch only from April 1st to October 31st.

Discover the Bistrot du Mas menu, and the Bistrot’s wine list.

Why not discover our excellent Valentine’s Day offer at Le Mas Candille, which includes a delicious meal at the Bistrot du Mas!