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Here at Le Mas Candille we are committed and proud to support local, national and international efforts to raise awareness and funds for various causes and charities.

But how do we decide which causes to get behind?


We listen to our team.

After all, they support our business every single day, so it is only right we support their projects and interests.

If they are passionate about it, then we see how we can help them in their project.

We recently highlighted our CEO’s fundraising campaign in aid of The Brain Tumour charity in the U.K.

Mark Silver attempted to walk 100 km non-stop in the Thames Path Challenge and raised over £5100 in the process.

We told his story on our social media channels, sharing the fundraising link, had collection boxes and posters in the staff canteen and were astounded by the generosity of clients, team members and all who helped him smash his goal.

For an number of months now, we have been discussing how we can support another important fundraising effort, this time the project of our Breakfast Service Manager, Laurent Dalançon, as he supports LOVE BAGUETTE.

his is a new initiative being held across France in collaboration with AIDS Research and the Boulanger association.

For one week in October, boulangeries across France will be selling baguettes, the traditional French staple, for 2€, and 1€ of it will be donated to Aids awareness.

Le Mas Candille is proud to be giving a complimentary stay to the baker who raises the most; breakfast included, of course!

During that week, Le Mas Candille will donate 10€ to Love baguette for each breakfast taken in Le Candille by non-residents, as well as collecting donations from our resident guests.  

With the typical teamwork of Le Mas Candille, head patisserie chef, Olivier Roth, has created delicious biscuits in the shape of the Love Baguette logo to me enjoyed by our guests & show support to this project.

I sat down to chat with Laurent to find out more about what this money will be spent on in communities across France.

Tina: You first told me about this idea a few months ago. How long have you been involved with this charity?

Laurent: I have been a volunteer now for 5 years at the Nice branch.

T: Did you have to have specific training?

L: Yes, there is quite a bit of training. You need to learn how to listen to others, how to speak to people regarding their questions, fears and uncertainties regarding their sexuality. You are taught how to give non-judgmental advice and responses to help make informed decisions on sex education, testing and treatment. you need to be aware of the latest test procedures and treatments

T: How big is the team?

L: We have 6 full time staff and many volunteers like myself who give their time freely.

T: What kind of things do you help with?

L: It can be something as simple as listening and sharing information on the latest test procedures and treatments, to doing a quick blood test for an initial indication of their status.

T: So you are trained in how to do this initial test?

L: Yes. It is similar to the finger prick test done by diabetics every day. There is a protocol to follow. The results are given within a few minutes and, if a positive result is indicated, the person is immediately referred for a confirmation test and treatment.

T: So who pays for the test?

L: The cost of the testing is covered 100% by the charity.

T: Where does that money come from?

L: The state gives some but the rest is from donations and initiatives such as Love Baguette.

T: So is a positive result the end of the line?

L: Not at all. If the initial result is confirmed, a treatment program will be offered. This can involve a 6 month course of treatment followed by further evaluations. If all goes well, a life long treatment that needs to be strictly taken at the same time daily will be begun.

T: How important is it that this charity gets public support?

L: It is huge. The French are rightly proud of their traditions and way of life and the local boulangeries are a crucial part of the fabric of our country. If everyone just gave one  euro to their local baker supporting this effort once during that week, we will be able to offer help and support to so many.

T: How does someone get in touch with the charity for advice or to volunteer?

L: The National number is: 07 62 37 86 00.

Give us a call to reserve your breakfast table during the 11th and 18th October to help us support Love Baguette.

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Click this link for more information and advice about AIDES