It’s Road Trip Time! 

France is an ideal country for a good road trip: with gorgeous landscapes and cities dotted throughout the country, you can personalise any itinerary. Since every road trip should end on a high note, we’ve decided to look into some Paris to Nice itineraries.

Many of Le Mas Candille’s clients come down for a visit from Paris. Thankfully, Mougins is very well-connected to the capital! The TGV (‘High-Speed Train’) train from Paris can get you to Cannes in 5 hours. And Cannes is just a ten-minute drive away! Alternatively, a flight would take well under two hours.

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Why Travel by Car?

However, many of our clients prefer to extend their trip and travel by car. There are so many benefits to a road trip like this. One big plus is the ability to travel at your own speed and in a much more comfortable and familiar setting than in an aeroplane or a train.

Travelling to the south of France by car is also ideal if you are bringing your pet with you. Le Mas Candille is very pet friendly, as our hotel puppy, Moose, will tell you! You can check out Moose’s hotel lifestyle and his recent cross-country adventure from France to the United Kingdom on his Instagram page.

Lastly, another benefit of travelling to us by car is the unique opportunity to enjoy the French countryside and the historic cities dotted along the route.

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How to Get Here: However You Like!

With these many road trip advantages laid out, we’ve put together three possible itineraries for travelling to Le Mas Candille and the South of France from Paris.

These include the direct, to-the-point journey from the capital, the slightly elongated journey, and the full-on “stop to smell the roses” journey.

Take a look below and see which suits you best!


Itinerary 1: A Straight Shot from Paris to Nice in 9 Hours

The distance between Paris and Nice is slightly under 1000km. This could easily be covered in between 8 and 10 hours. In other words, a full day’s journey!

The idea of leaving Paris in the morning and arriving on the Côte d’Azur by the evening is a very tempting one. Especially with France’s straight, smooth roads. Just keep an eye out for those speed cameras…

For those without their own car, a one-way rental is a very good option for this trip. Many car rental services, including Avis, Sixt, and Europcar, offer this service in between Paris and Nice/Cannes. You can usually book this service online beforehand.

If you’re looking for a direct route, try the following.

Leave Paris in the morning via the A6 and continue heading southbound. Stop for a lunch break at the Morvan Regional National Park, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region of central France. In other words, in the heart of the Burgundy region!

wine country

After a few more hours on the road heading south, you can take a well-earned break from driving in Lyon. Lyon is perfectly placed along this route, so you won’t need to do a massive detour to visit the town. As France’s third-largest city, Lyon has much to offer in the ways of cultural capital and gorgeous architecture. It is also a university town and full of bustling nightlife, so it may be worth an overnight stop!

Finally, continue south towards Nice. This last stretch should take approximately 5 hours.

Itinerary 2: An Overnight Trip to the South of France 

If you’re interested in extending the above trip slightly but without going too far off-road, you’re in luck! The route from Paris to Nice and the south of France is dotted with a multitude of must-see cities and sights.

Why not make a longer stop early on in your road trip? The town of Valence is directly on the route from Paris and so won’t require a detour. Celebrated for its gorgeous 11th-Century Apollinaire Cathedral, the town is also filled with stunning architecture. Definitely worth a visit!

Alternatively, consider spending the night in Avignon. A cornerstone of Provencal history, Avignon is celebrated for the song about its famous bridge. However, there is also a lot else to see in this beautiful city. Avignon is just under three hours away from Nice by car, so an ideal location for a stopover.


Itinerary 3: Take It Easy

The beauty of a road trip from Paris to the south of France is the innumerable itineraries you could create for yourself. The two itineraries we have suggested above are ideal for those looking to keep their trips reasonably short. However, if you have all of the time in the world, why not spend some more time on the road? Here’s what else is along the way…

The Abbaye de la Bussière. For a truly relaxing and unique experience, take a slight detour towards Dijon and stay at the incredible Abbaye de la Bussière. Located in the heart of Burgundy, take some time off and explore the beautiful surrounding wine regions.

Auvergne. Alter your route from Paris slightly and spend some time along the way in the Auvergne region of central France. This is truly a unique stop: Auvergne is rural and mountainous, and home to approximately 450 dormant volcanic peaks. A perfect stopover for nature lovers and hiking fanatics.

Marseille. Extend your road trip slightly south and include Marseille on your itinerary. Famed for its international port and trading history, Marseille is a stunning coastal city. Dotted with ancient Greek, Roman, as well as modern landmarks, this Provencal city has something for everyone. What’s more, it’s less than three hours’ drive from Nice, Mougins, and Le Mas Candille!


Drive Safe!

The above itineraries are only a snapshot of everything the Paris to Nice route has to offer. For those of our guests who will be travelling to us from Paris by car, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us beforehand. Our excellent reception team will be more than happy to assist you in planning your route and arranging for your arrival.

Le Mas Candille has a private car park and voituriers who will take excellent care of your vehicle during your stay with us. If you have any questions, please give us a call on +33 4 92 28 43 43.

Drive safe!