Le Mas Candille’s Swimming Pools: Your Questions Answered!

You’ve seen the gorgeous pictures of our swimming pools near Cannes, you’ve read the reviews, and maybe you’ve tried them out for yourself… but how well do you really know Le Mas Candille’s swimming pools?

Le Mas Candille’s pools are integral to its relaxing and luxurious atmosphere, not to mention its scenery!

Because of this, let’s take a closer look at the luxury hotel’s swimming pools. We want our guests to know what their options are and why this sets us apart from many other hotels. Most importantly, we want to answer all of the most common questions about Le Mas Candille’s pools.

Spotlight on Le Mas Candille’s Swimming Pools

If you are familiar with Le Mas Candille’s most iconic photo, then you will be familiar with the hotel’s largest and most well-known swimming pool. The photo in question, below, depicts our Blue Lady statue, posing at the end of our largest swimming pool against the backdrop of Grasse and the Prealps.

Thibault Modelia diving into Le Mas Candille pool at sunset.

It’s an absolutely stunning view.

Fortunately, it’s also true to scale! Bordering the summertime restaurant, La Pergola, the large swimming pool stretches across the terrace.

While most of our guests are familiar with the very photogenic Pergola pool, we would like to provide more details about this and our other pools, to help our clients familiarise themselves with the hotel.

What are some common questions about Le Mas Candille’s swimming pools?

Beautiful lady smiling in Spa jacuzzi.

How Many Pools Does Le Mas Candille Have?

Le Mas Candille has not one, not two, but three pools! Even better, it also boasts two Jacuzzis.

As well as the large Pergola pool, which is located near the Bastide rooms, there is also the smaller, more shaded pool near the reception.

Finally, there is the hydrotherapy pool in the Spa Candille.

Of the two Jacuzzis, both are outdoors. One is located in the Japanese garden in the Spa Candille and is undoubtedly the most peaceful site in the hotel. The other is located right below the Pergola pool, surrounded by terraces and against the backdrop of a gentle waterfall. Not to mention, it has stellar views of the Grasse hills. Can you think of a better location to admire the sunset from? We can’t!

Let’s have a closer look at each of Le Mas Candille’s swimming pools.

Piscine de la Pergola (Nuit)

La Pergola Swimming Pool 

The large pool by Le Mas Candille’s summertime restaurant, La Pergola, is unquestionably the most well-known. Its wide, infinity-style basin is simply stunning. Also, on bright and sunny days, the pool reflects the light and emanates a summery atmosphere! Fortunately, it’s almost always sunny and clear skies on the Riviera!

The Pergola pool is also ideally located. Being right next to our Bastide rooms, it’s easily accessible for most of our clients. It’s also right next to the upper car park, meaning that it’s also very accessible for those who have reduced mobility, thanks to our speedy golf carts.

Use of our Pergola pool is reserved for guests aged 16 and over. Feel free to swim your laps in peace and at your own pace, and for those with young children, see below for information about our child-friendly pool!

Enjoying lunch against the backdrop of a large, peaceful swimming pool is a calming experience. It couldn’t be more the opposite of a busy, loud and crowded atmosphere. Rather, the gentle sounds of water lapping as well as the bright blue encourage a serene dining experience. The sheer size of the Pergola pool also helps to maintain a cooler temperature in the restaurant in the hot summer months.

For those enjoying the pool, you don’t have to go far to relax once your swim is over. The Pergola pool is widely encircled with premium sun loungers, and thick warm towels are available all around the vicinity. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about sun exposure: our excellent Pergola team are at hand at all times to adjust, remove or add shade with our large sun umbrellas. It’s up to you!

And the best part? Being right next to a restaurant means you have easy access to food and drinks… not to mention to our extensive house-made cocktails! I’ve heard the bartenders make an excellent piña colada…

Small Pool

Le Mas Candille’s Child-Friendly Swimming Pool

Located slightly down the hill from La Pergola pool, our smaller pool is set amongst the sun-drenched relaxation terraces.

Being gated and shallow, it is perfect for guests with young children to use. The safety of all our guests is a top priority at Le Mas Candille, and if there is ever anything you may need to improve you and your child’s experience with our swimming pool, please do not hesitate to let our reception and Pergola staff know.

Use of the small pool is open to all of our guests. Much like the larger Pergola pool, the smaller pool is encircled by comfortable sun loungers and fluffy towels. These are more shaded than at La Pergola, and thanks to the tall trees which ring the area, the small pool also offers a degree more of privacy.

And not to worry about food and drinks! The small pool is equipped with menus and a direct phone line to the staff at La Pergola to enable guests to order directly from the small pool area.

Spa Candille from sun deck

The Hydrotherapy Pool

Le Mas Candille’s third swimming pool is the hydrotherapy pool, located in the Spa Candille. The spa and its pool are open seven days a week from 10 am to 7 pm. Unlike the other, larger pools, the spa’s hydrotherapy pool is open to non-hotel guests as well as hotel guests.

Many of our spa treatments and packages also include full use of the spa’s amenities, so be sure to put aside some time to lounge on the hammock by the spa pool, or to snooze on one of the many sun loungers (and don’t forget the Jacuzzi!).

Alternatively, you can book a Cocooning experience and benefit from our ESPA treatments, full use of the spa facilities, and a three-course lunch at La Pergola poolside restaurant!

swimming pool near cannes

Are the Swimming Pools All the Same Depth? 

Le Mas Candille’s swimming pools vary in depth. The smaller, child-friendly swimming pool has a measured depth, with both shallow and slightly deeper ends.

La Pergola’s pool, in contrast, is largely the same depth throughout the pool. This is one of the reasons use of La Pergola’s pool is restricted to those aged 16 and over.

The Spa Candille’s hydrotherapy pool is quite small and not too deep. However, as it is a hydrotherapy pool and is fitted with powerful underwater jets, it is also not suitable for use by children. 

Can Only Hotel Guests Use the Pools?

Only guests spending at least one night at Le Mas Candille can use La Pergola’s swimming pool and our smaller swimming pool. Unfortunately, external guests coming for lunch at La Pergola may not use the pool if they are not also spending a night at the hotel.

However, external guests of the Spa Candille may use the hydrotherapy pool, Spa Jacuzzi and other spa facilities if their treatment includes this option. Check the spa page on our website to see which treatments include use of the spa’s facilities.

Vodka cocktail at Le Mas Candille

Do the Pools Have Lifeguards? 

Unfortunately, as the swimming pools are private, they do not have attending lifeguards. We ask our guests to please take care when swimming and to make use of our swimming pools at their own risk. If any guests would like a swimming aid, such as a floatation device, please contact our excellent reception and La Pergola teams.

If You Have Any More Questions About Le Mas Candille’s Swimming Pools, Please Do Not Hesitate to Contact Our Team! 

And don’t forget to apply sun cream! If you forgot yours, our reception and La Pergola teams can help you out!

towels at La Pergola