It’s not a very well-kept secret that Le Mas Candille loves food, which is why our dining offerings are classed as the best restaurants in Mougins.

Le Mas Candille loves food so much that we can honestly say a guest’s experience wouldn’t be the same without it!

From the “Welcome!’ treats that are waiting for you in your room upon check-in, to our Mougins Michelin Star restaurant, bi-monthly Market Menu and our mouth-watering room service, food is essential to the Mas Candille experience. From the very beginning until the very end.

Given that the Côte d’Azur is Le Mas Candille’s birthplace and home, it’s hardly surprising that food is so important. Yet, what matters to us is that our guests’ culinary experiences stand out from the rest.

Sunset table for two at Le Candille.

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper… What Makes Us Stand Out?

If we’re talking about originality, Le Mas Candille definitely stands out. Have you seen our patisserie chef’s annual Easter creations? Chef Olivier Roth goes above and beyond each year to delight our guests with imaginative chocolate sculptures. These are put on display around the hotel every Easter, so keep an eye out in April!

And have you sampled our excellent afternoon tea? Trust us, finding a good spot for afternoon tea can be tricky even in London, let alone the south of France! But how better to offer our guests an insight into Le Mas Candille’s dual national roots than to offer our guests the chance to enjoy a traditional afternoon tea? Not to mention, the champagne goes down very well…

Le Mas Candille stands out for all of the above and much more. While this blog post could go into much detail about a number of things to do with food, we would like to focus on Le Mas Candille’s shining star: Le Candille restaurant and its incredible team.

Chef prep

Le Candille: An Original Culinary Experience

Le Candille is Le Mas Candille’s Michelin-starred restaurant. Everything, from the location to the amuses-bouche, will leave you feeling satisfied.

At Le Candille, guests can choose to dine al fresco beneath the shade-dappled terrace, while enjoying the stunning views of Grasse and the Pre Alps. Or, within the sumptuous surroundings of the main dining room.

Le Candille’s chef, Xavier Burelle, and his dedicated team strive year-round to provide our guests with true artistic gastronomy.

Wine tasting with sommelier

The Market Menu

This year as in previous years, Le Mas Candille and Chef Xavier Burelle have introduced their much-awaited Market Menu. This is a weekly menu which revolves around one fresh seasonal ingredient at a time. For instance, past market menus have focused on artichoke, courgette, and melon.

The market menu challenges the creativity and imagination of our chefs. Every item on the menu, from starters to desserts, must revolve around the chosen ingredient.

Fortunately, our chefs are at the top of their game: week after week, they delight Le Candille’s guests with original, seasonal creations! Our chefs’ abilities to innovate while maintaining the highest quality of procedure is what makes our restaurants some of the very best restaurants in Mougins.


Where do the Chefs get their inspiration from?

Our Chefs’ ingenuity and dedication never fail to astound us. The dishes which feature in the market menu are delicious: not because they have been overworked, but because the Chefs have taken the simplicity of a single, fresh ingredient and brought out its flavour in a multitude of ways.

Foie de veau, purée de maïs, condiment marron et chorizo,

Behind the Scenes of the Market Menu

Chef Xavier Burelle has given guests some insight into the work which goes into creating the seasonal market menus at Le Candille restaurant. These videos can be found on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

According to the Chef, the market menu is first and foremost a product of seamless teamwork. He says the simplicity of the focus means all of the kitchen team need to put their heads together to make sure the menu follows a natural progression. If one of the dishes seemed out of place, guests wouldn’t enjoy it so much.

The Chef states that for some ingredients, such as the artichoke market menu, the chefs de rang have more experience. This means they can lend their tips and tricks to the patisserie team when cooking with this ingredient.

However, for others, such as the red berries market menu, the patisserie team have the upper hand. When it comes to these ingredients, their insight is vital.

In Chef Xavier Burelle’s own words, the market menu is a product the whole team enjoys fabricating. He says the ultimate goal is for the clients to enjoy the food and for the chefs to show that, ultimately, it is all about the passion that goes into creating the menu.

mougins restaurant

The Red Berries Market Menu 

Chef Xavier Burelle insists that a large part of creating the market menu is instinct, and playing off of the chosen ingredients’ natural advantages in cooking.

For him, this also means taking the natural environment (and therefore, clients’ desires) into account.

The Red Berries market menu was wildly popular. It was introduced halfway through the summer as the local berries were fresh and ripe. As some guests may recall, the south of France experienced several heatwaves during this time. Chef Burelle says that, of course, this had to be taken into account.

According to him, a key aspect of the Red Berries market menu was the need for a fresh culinary experience. That is, nothing too heavy, which would weigh guests down during the hot summer months.

A good deal of work went into formulating the menu. The finished product was absolutely delicious. Some of the dishes it featured include:

Foie gras terrine, strawberry and Espelette chilli pepper, sweetcorn cream, toasted brioche;

Fresh grouper ceviche, a raspberry condiment with ginger and coriander, green tomato foam;

Chilled blackcurrant parfait, Manzana apple shortbread and apple carpaccio.

michelin star restaurant mougins

Delicious! Which ingredient is currently being featured on the Market Menu?

Chef Xavier Burelle has recently released the most recent market menu. This month, the focus is on cucumber!

This imaginative menu includes the following dishes:

Salmon gravlax, cucumber gazpacho with Get 27,

vodka foam


Farmhouse pâté on toast,

sweet and sour cucumber


Gently cooked hake fillet, light fish broth with pesto,

runner beans and cucumber


Lamb shoulder cooked for 7 hours, tzatziki and tandoori condiment,

aubergine caviar


Selection of cheese from our cheesemaker (12€)


Green tomato and cucumber tartare,

light mint cream, yoghurt ice cream


Chocolate pannacotta, Bourbon vanilla crisp,

pear sorbet

Menu du marche concombre

To sample this creative concoction, visit Le Candille restaurant. As the French Riviera is enjoying a habitually warm Indian summer, why not dine al fresco for an unparalleled dining experience? Le Candille’s terrace is renowned for its sunset views of the pre-Alpes.

Get in Touch with Le Candille

To make a reservation, please call Le Candille restaurant on 04 92 28 43 43, or email the team at for your dining experience at the best restaurants in Mougins.

The Market Menu is 3-courses, priced at 49€. This is not including drinks: 64€ including drinks*, or 86€ served with “Théophile by Louis Roederer” Champagne **.

*Two glasses of wine, mineral water and tea/coffee ** Two glasses of Champagne Théophile by Louis Roederer, mineral water and tea/coffee.

Le Candille restaurant is open for lunch Wednesday to Sunday, all year round.

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