Prepare yourself for a beautiful summer!

Dynamic sports and fitness trainer, Jérôme Queva, presents a fresh approach to fitness, offering a programme of three different exercise sessions per week in the picturesque gardens of Le Mas Candille.


Three activities to choose from:

  • Wednesday:

Spinning – This exercise tones the whole body, and lets you empty your mind at the same time! While focussing on the rhythm of the music, the intensity of the movements helps to develop muscle strength and is great for cardiac fitness.

  • Thursday:

  Bootcamp – A high intensity, outdoor group training, Bootcamp will help you to exceed your fitness limitations.                                                           

  • Friday:

 Pilates – For a more gentle approach to exercise, Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility. Focussing on the body's core strength, Pilates rebalances muscle tone, reduces stiffness and boosts circulation throughout the body to increase energy levels.


Our Fit Lunch Package is  €64 and includes:


Your choice of fitness session with Jérôme Queva

Detox cocktail served poolside

Lunch at La Pergola restaurant, based on the Menu Fraîcheur, including: a choice of salad, half a bottle of mineral water, a glass of wine

Advance booking necessary.

Reservations subject to availability.

Please note that this offer is also available without the lunch, at €25 per class.


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