French author Jeff de Levens will be at Le Mas Candille on Friday 13 July at 7.30pm at La Pergola salon to discuss his saga 'Ugo Chevalier des Rêves', followed by a Question & Answer session dedicated to his book 'Ce Fameux Vendredi 13'. An aperitif will be served to all participants.

Entry free of charge

Ugo Desfrais, a regular person just like you or me, is involved in a road accident on the fateful Friday 13th, which completely turns his life upside-down. Awaking from a deep coma, Ugo discovers he has the ability to travel in time. By day he is a normal computer technician, at night he is enlisted by a mysterious brotherhood to act as the 'Knight of Dreams'.

Rather eclectic himself, Jeff de Levens has only recently discovered his passion for writing. Overflowing with a vivid imagination and possessing a childlike sole, this self-educated man has proudly made his mark in amateur literature.

A devout optimist, his motto is: Never stop dreaming, one day your dreams will come true! This event is held as part of his book launch, and in anticipation of the book's future adaptation into a television series.

Unfortunately, this event is FULL !