A honeymoon is a much-needed period of relaxation after the stressful and demanding wedding planning process, but before you can wind down on the honeymoon itself, planning and organising the honeymoon can significantly add to the stresses of the wedding planning and can become a little overwhelming.

However, as many newlyweds choose to visit us for their special honeymoon and with us being dedicated to making people’s trips as successful as possible, we’d like to offer our advice on planning a honeymoon.

Honeymoon Planning Checklist

Honeymoon Planning Checklist

• Decide on a budget, set it aside, and don’t touch it

The honeymoon fund is often one of the first things that a couple compromises on when paying for unexpected wedding extras. It can be all to tempting to do this and take away from the honeymoon savings in order to free up some budget for the wedding, but we urge you to try and keep your honeymoon budget to one side and out of reach from any other expenses!

• Location, location, location – how to choose a honeymoon destination

It goes without saying that location is a critical decision to make when planning a honeymoon. Long or short-haul is the first question, but after a busy and expensive wedding there are many benefits to choosing a destination that is only a short-haul flight away, both in terms of time and cost. For UK residents, there are many wonderful destinations on your doorstep in surrounding European countries, but if you’re still struggling to whittle it down to a chosen location, a great way of doing so is to focus on what you want to do during your honeymoon. City stays are best for couples interested in exploring historical architecture, beach destinations are suitable for couples wanting to relax on the sand with frequent dips in the ocean, and spa hotels are superb for couples who want the ultimate relaxation experience.

• Decide on the type of accommodation

Most honeymooners choose a hotel stay to maximise luxury and relaxation during their special trip. However, there are still some decisions to make – all-inclusive or not all-inclusive? Spa hotel? Boutique hotel? Star rating?

All inclusive hotels are great if you’re planning to spend a lot of time within your hotel and are happy to eat at the same places. Opting for a hotel that isn’t all-inclusive, however, has its benefits too; in doing so, you can try as many different eateries as possible to get the most out of your honeymoon.

There is no better time to stay at a spa hotel than during your honeymoon. Nothing says luxury quite like being able to walk from your beautiful hotel room directly to the massage table!
Once you have chosen your hotel, shop around to make sure you find the best deal. For instance here at Le Mas Candille, we offer a 5% discount to those who book directly through us! So once your destination has been chosen, carry out some research to find the best price.

• Decide when to go and how long for

It used to be the norm to honeymoon straight after the wedding, but this doesn’t realistically have to be the case. Many couples delay their honeymoon in order to save some money for it, but it’s also an option if you want to go at a different time of year to your wedding. If this is the case, it’s worth considering peak and off-peak times as you could save some good money on flights and hotels out of season!

The length of a honeymoon is often down to personal preference, budget, and time. As discussed earlier, choosing somewhere short-haul can maximise the time actually spent honeymooning at your destination! Alternatively, ‘mini-moons’ are becoming somewhat of a trend, where couples choose to take a short break straight after their wedding and then go for a longer trip later in the year or even the following year.

• Book special reservations and excursions

It’s great knowing that you have some food plans organised for whilst you’re there, even if it’s just for one night. If there is somewhere you really want to get into, booking in advance will help to avoid disappointment and stress whilst you’re there.

Our Chef’s Table experience offers a unique opportunity for guests to eat within the kitchen itself and experience the amazing flavours whilst witnessing true culinary expertise. This is a great option for honeymooners looking for an extra special experience, and we’re happy to get a booking sorted for you before you get here.

• Consider a honeymoon package

Some hotels offer honeymoon packages to offer experiences that you would otherwise have to book separately. The benefit of choosing a package is that it’s all booked for you in one go and it means you don’t have to spend too much time planning and booking separate aspects of your stay.

For example, our Special Romance and Honeymoon Package includes a 2-night stay with breakfast, a romantic bouquet of roses, champagne to your room on arrival, an eight-course gastronomic dinner with drinks, a 2-hour luxurious spa treatment, and access to the rest of our spa facilities.

With this honeymoon planning checklist, you’ll be planning your honeymoon in no time. Here at Le Mas Candille, our 5* spa hotel is situated in beautiful Mougins, France, which is near to Cannes and Nice. Our hotel, spa and setting makes for a wonderful honeymoon destination to newlyweds and we’re dedicated to making your special trip as perfect as possible!