Last month we were pleased to welcome Dana Mouyon back to Le Mas Candille. Read her full account below in English, and her original account in French here.


5-star luxury hotel le Mas Candille is located in the village of Mougins, between Cannes and Nice. The place is just incredible, with a garden of over four hectares, two restaurants, a spa, three swimming pools, two jacuzzis… the list goes on. We spent a weekend at the Mas Candille so that we could recharge our batteries and rest a little. In fact, we also stayed here last year. And we really did fall in love with the property. So we decided to return this year.


First of all, the huge golden gates of Le Mas Candille welcome you with this view. Wow, it literally looks like a movie. Then you walk down a long avenue, and you’ve arrived at reception. Even though we were here last year, I must admit this entrance is always very striking!

Moreover, the staff always smile and help us. I can’t wait to discover our suite, which looks really nice! What do you think?

Relaxation Spots

Let’s explore outside the suite a little bit, shall we? A return to nature and well-being awaits us outside. Indeed, a real relaxation area, with a ping pong table and a pétanque court. Come on, it’s now time to show the little Parisian boy how it’s done and show off my talent for Marseille’s pétanque!

pétanque détente

The Pools

Le Mas Candille has three swimming pools. And as they say, three swimming pools mean three atmospheres. First of all, the largest one. I’m a big fan of this one, it’s just huge and deep. And from the pool, you can even admire the beautiful sunset. And for those jacuzzi lovers, you can find one just below this pool!

The second pool is a little more family oriented, including toys for children. But it is accessible to everyone. You will find deckchairs and sun beds, perfect for a little nap in the sun.

And last but not least, the spa’s swimming pool and jacuzzi (open to both hotel and spa clients). Moreover, the swimming pool is heated, with water features, and has several sun beds . You can even swim against the current, or use the outdoor gym.

The Restaurants 

Last year we were enamoured by the cuisine at Le Mas Candille. And I can tell you, once again, we were not disappointed. Their new chef, Basil Arnaud, has delighted our taste buds, look for yourself!

In addition, Le Mas Candille now offers a new concept: you can now privatise the Pergola. Imagine, all this reserved just for you, leaving you with great space and a breathtaking view just for you. We tested the idea at dinner and wow! Big winner. We are alone together on this huge terrace, with a superb view. A candlelight dinner, just like in the movies.

The Breakfast

Clearly, we are used to hotel breakfasts. It’s often the same thing every time. Even if it’s very good, it looks the same. But here we were surprised by the choices. First of all there is a big table where you can help yourself to a little bit of everything: smoked salmon, croissants, cheese, cereals… the usual. Then you have a lot of choices à la carte, always made by the chef. Here are our breakfast favorites. 

PS: you can either have it on the main terrace or in your room.

The Bar

They have recently changed the decoration in their bar, where they serve great cocktails. The waiters are really great, and attentive to all our tastes. Here are a few snaps of this nice and classy new space.

The Spa at Le Mas Candille

As I said earlier, we came here to recharge our batteries. It worked, especially because we were treated to an expert massage with the famous ESPA brand. It was just perfect.

Conclusion on our return to Le Mas Candille

We enjoyed our stay immensely, just like last year. The setting is still idyllic, quiet and beautiful. I recommend Le Mas Candille again 100%. Whether it is the reception, the spa, the restaurant or the rooms. I recommend it all.


Pour lire l’original en français, cliquez ici.
Le Mas Candille - piscine