Our Beautiful Region

Le Mas Candille is lucky to be found on the French Riviera, in the Provence region. Full of exhibitions, activities, and incredible food and wine, it‘s also one of the most beautiful regions of the country.

Well, in our opinion anyway…

For our guests, one of the many benefits of this amazing location is having nature at their fingertips during their stay at Le Mas Candille. Our acres of well-kept gardens, spotted with benches and sun loungers for soaking up the weather, are perfect for a stroll.

A Walk in Nature

However, if you’re interested in a more rigorous, or lengthy, activity that will still allow you to make the most of our fantastic surroundings, then this blog is for you. We’ll take a look at three long and gorgeous walks all within 20 minutes of Le Mas Candille. These walks all differ slightly in terrain, environment, and location. What’s great about this is that they will allow you to see more of the Côte d’Azur’s stunning nature!

Another great feature of all three of these lovely walks is their ease of adaptation. In every part of your walk, you decide the speed, the length of your exercise, and often even the terrain.

Let’s take a look below and help you start exploring!


Walk 1: A Stroll Around the Etang de Fontmerle in Mougins

The Etang de Fontmerle is a true Mouginois gem. It is one of the largest lotus ponds in Europe, and is conveniently located just a 5-minute drive from Le Mas Candille!

The Etang is surrounded by greenery and is set in the Valmasque Park, a nationally-protected area stretching over 500 hectares! The park is full of flourishing vegetation, animals, and of course, dog walkers.

The Etang itself is a fairly flat, open space. The shape of the Etang places the pond at the centre, with walking paths circling the water and lotuses. This park is especially popular with dog walkers, as there is a large open area for dogs to run around and play. The Mougins municipality has also invested lots of time and resources into the Etang recently, making it very accessible and providing information on the species of plants and animals that live there. Perfect for a gentle morning walk, the Etang also has a glorious view of the snow-capped Alps!

Surrounded by subtle foliage, it is a calm and peaceful space.

Loop around the Etang at your own pace for an excellent run or walk. For our guests with pets, the Etang is perfect for your dogs to roam freely. Why not add on a 40-minute walk, and head to the Etang from Le Mas Candille on foot?

Walk 2: Discover the Stunning Cap d’Antibes Cliff Walk

Coastal town Antibes

When you think of the Cap d’Antibes, you probably think of the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the shocking white of the snow-capped Alps, and the hot French Riviera sun.

Well, this is all very accurate!

However, the Cap d’Antibes has a wild side. The coastal hike which lines the peninsula features crashing waves, rocky façades, and an eclectic mix of regional shrubbery. The Cap d’Antibes walk is one of Le Mas Candille’s favourite recommendations to our visitors. It showcases the beauty of the southern coast’s nature on a stunning walk around the cap. Disclaimer: unfortunately, due to the nature of the environment, which includes a small number of rocky and steep stair climbs by the sea, this walk is not accessible to those with inhibited mobility or who are in a wheelchair. For a fully accessible nature experience near Le Mas Candille, the above Etang de Fontmerle walk is perfect!

There are handrails throughout the entirety of the walk and is therefore accessible to children, though this walk is lengthier than the others featured in this blog.

The Cap d’Antibes walk offers unparalleled views of the Côte d’Azur’s dual nature, right between the sea and the mountains. It also offers an up-close and personal walk by the Mediterranean! For an unforgettable and active experience not too far from Le Mas Candille, we highly recommend this walk.

Walk 3: Sea Views at La Croix des Gardes in Cannes

Mimosa Cannes

La Croix des Gardes is a protected natural space perched just above Cannes. The park is located only 1km from the well-known beach-side street, La Croisette, and is walking distance from the centre of Cannes.

As the Cannes Tourist Office puts it, La Croix des Gardes is “the town’s lungs”, and rightly so! The forest stretches over 200 acres and features 360° views of Cannes, including many stunning vistas of the bay. The park also features a 1.2km fitness trail, for those looking for a more active exercise.

La Croix des Gardes is also famous for its expansive mimosa. Over 40 types of this flower can be found amongst the trails, as well as hundreds of others, making for a beautiful springtime wander.

While La Croix des Gardes is something of a hilly walk, it is not as challenging for those with impaired mobility as the Cap d’Antibes walk. For more accessibility information, please ask our excellent reception team by calling them on +33 4 92 28 43 43.

Set up above the town, La Croix des Gardes is a very peaceful walk. And don’t worry… there are lots of dogs here too! Cannes is also located conveniently close to Le Mas Candille: only a ten to 15-minute drive away!

Explore the French Riviera’s Beautiful Parks and Walks

Get to know the region by exploring its nature. France is a leader in the conservation and protection of natural habitats, so make the most of it! All the walks featured in this blog are located within a 25 minutes drive from Le Mas Candille.

Ask our reception team for help in getting to these parks, or inquire about booking private transportation to the above areas by asking us in person, contacting us via social media, or calling us on +33 4 92 28 43 43.

Have a great walk!