Chef Basile Arnuad

The man who makes gastronomic magic happen

Chef Basle Arnaud has spent more than two decades honing his gastronomic skills. Born in Cannes, he was influenced from an early age by a family who loved to cook. It was only natural that life would take him down a culinary road.

After training in a hotel, curiosity led Basile Arnaud togo exploring. He spent more than seven years forging his experience in steamy, bustling kitchens around the world. His wanderlust took him to London, the United States and Australia. During this time time he discovered new flavours, products and techniques. In 2009 he rediscovered his roots and came back to France. During this time, he started working with experienced Michelin-starred chefs in the Côte d’Azure - including Serge Gouloumès. This was Basile's first time at Le Mas Candille. 

By 2016, Basile Arnaud was ready to impose his own style as chef. His recipe? The ripest, most delicious produce from Provence's "terroir" - combined with the flavours he discovered during his global sojourn. This little souvenir of his wandering years works in harmony with the time-honoured French culinary skills he's been honing since childhood. 

The chef took charge of the kitchens at Le Bistrot du Mas and the Michelin-starred Le Candille in January 2020. After revisiting the menus, he decided to refocus them towards the true heroes - the products of Provence, and the men and women who produce them. This is the culinary story he wishes to tell at Le as Candille.

A man with a vision

Basile Arnaud's inspiration is a true melting pot. Everything he has learned, seen, tasted and touched during his travels around the world make it into his recipes. One of his signature dishes bears witness to this: Beef Wellington, a reminder of his time in London. 

He also incorporates what he learned from several renowned chefs - and his own family - here in France. For Chef Basile Arnaud, cooking is all about exchanging and sharing ideas. It's about working closely with the artisans and farmers behind our region's quality local products. And finally, it's about the synergy of a team. A great follower of flavour appreciation and restraint, the chef swears by quality, simplicity and verity - values that are ever-present in his dishes. 

A Word from the chef

"We never stop discovering and sharing things in this profession, it's a passion. For me, enjoying good food and having a glass of wine together is the essence of social bond. It's a warm moment to share without moderation, especially in such a beautiful place as Le Mas Candille".

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