Discover the details and secrets of the wine cellar at Le Mas Candille with Julien Leroux, Head Sommelier of our 1* Michelin restaurant, Le Candille.

During a one-of-a-kind, exclusive wine tasting, you’ll uncover some of the jewels from our cellar’s collection. At any one time, Le Mas Candille’s wine cellar holds around 400 bottles – with the stock ever-changing on a daily basis. Your wine cellar experience will be nothing short of unique.

Julien Leroux joined Le Mas Candille in 2016. Passionate about the ‘terroir’ and environmental factors affecting vine cultivation, as well as the skills and wisdom of winemakers, Julien is a huge advocate and well-informed spokesperson for France’s wine producers.

Your palate will embark on a journey through France’s most renowned wine regions from Bordeaux, Bourgogne and the Rhône Valley to the best local wines from our region and abroad.

As you sip and swirl on the terrace, in the bar or in our wine tasting cellar, enjoy a delicate selection of cheese and charcuterie prepared by our chef- and soak up insider knowledge of red, white and rosé wines alongside our expert.

In a series of original wine tastings, Julien will share his extensive knowledge and experience of the wine world and let you in on some interesting secrets.  Julien will also impart his views on responsible agriculture, respect for nature, and his personal affection for Champagne, his native region.

Champagne tasting – €190 for two

Tasting for two people, including four different Champagnes, accompanied by petit fours and hors d’œuvres (sweet or savoury, depending on the time of the day)

Embark on a discovery voyage of the Champagne universe, the renowned French region, famous for its hillsides, its architecture and, of course, its ‘grand cru’ wines.

Over the course of an hour, Julien will captivate you with his passion for Champagne’s famed nectar while he takes you on a virtual tour of the province where he grew up.

Sample the delicate subtleties of four varieties of Champagne, reflecting the richness of the region. In accordance with your taste preferences, Julien will adapt the wine tasting to allow you to discover a variety of Champagnes: rosé, blanc de blanc, blanc de noir and mono-cépage (single grape varietal).

Wine tasting from Provence- €100 for two

Tasting for two people, including four different wines, accompanied by a selection of charcuterie and cheese

The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region between Nice and Marseille is rich and varied, with a climate ranging from the Mediterranean to Pre-Alps. The diversity of grape varieties in this tasting will stimulate and satisfy your curiosity about the marvelous wines from the surrounding area.

Since first coming to Provence, Julien Leroux has sought to develop his understanding of the local wines, learning to detect the subtilties and nuances developed by the regional winemakers. With his expert knowledge, he has been able to choose a unique and diverse selection of Provençal wines, which still all conserve authentic characteristics of the region.

Organic wines, nature’s role and bio-dynamics in oenology, taste the difference – €130 for two

Tasting for two people, of four different wines, accompanied by charcuterie and cheese.

Are you interested in understanding more about the principles of bio-dynamics, organic production and the role of nature? Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the quality of these untainted wines and appreciate the difference between ‘organic’ and ‘natural’.

The wine menu at Le Mas Candille is plentiful with a number of bio-dynamic references. Head Sommelier Julien Leroux’s passion for organic produce has led to the inclusion of several specialist vineyards for this tasting, while he has taken care to choose wines of quality for your enjoyment.

A short tour of wines from around the globe – €130 for two

Tasting for two people, of four different wines, accompanied by charcuterie and cheese.

Let Le Mas Candille’s Head Sommelier, Julien Leroux, take you on an exploration of some of the world’s great wines, from Hungary, Georgia, Austria, Spain to New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina…

Take a historical tour from the birthplace of viticulture through to the establishment of New World wines, passing via countries using more traditional methods and know-how.

Browsing through examples from both northern and southern hemispheres, you may be surprised by some of these wines, sometimes the source of prejudice. This international wine tasting challenge those pre-conceived opinions and may astonish you.

Wine tastings arranged by advance reservation only.