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We know the Côte d’Azur’s Best Beaches are an incredible draw for holidaymakers & locals.

Whilst Le Mas Candille admittedly has the best and most glamorous pools to while away your days besides, most visitors to the French Riviera will spend at least some of their time at the beach.

We want you to head over to some of our favourite Côte d’Azur beaches. 

Read on to get the lowdown on a few of the best kept secret beaches near Le Mas Candille!


After all, it is one of the things the region is well known for.

It is, quite literally, in the name of the place!

(Fun Fact:’Côte d’Azur’ precisely translates as ‘Coast of blue’).

It is one of our favourite things to do too, so we completely understand & are happy to share our local knowledge with you all.

Here are some of the most common questions we get from guests as they inquire about a day at the beach:

Aren’t they ruinously expensive?”
“Are they overcrowded & overrated?”
“Can’t we just use the public beaches?”

Now, we could just say ‘yes, yes and yes” to the above questions and encourage them to stick by the pools here, but that is not what we are about!

We want you all to love the Côte d’Azur as we do, so here is our best beach guide.

But which one should you head too?

Private v Public

There are some great public beaches but let’s get to the crux of it here: Are you, like most normal people, going to need a bathroom break at some point in the day?

A). Yes. Then read on. We have you covered.
B). No.

Because of

1). Incredible bladder control
2).will get sunburnt & retire to Spa Candille for a soothing massage before this becomes an issue. Keep reading.

C). You are a pee-in-the-sea person. Therefore this is not the blog for you (& keep out of our pools too please)!

So Private it is then.

Now, which one is the best Côte d’Azur beach for you?

We will give you a list at the bottom of the page that is perfect if you want to:

– dance the day away with the cool crowd from the club you were at last night…

– paddle peacefully with the kids…

– spend time and € on a long lazy lunch without getting your feet wet…

But if you prefer to get the real deal of fine sand, blue sea & incredible vistas while partaking of fabulous service, delicious lunches, served either on your lounger or in the cool restaurant …….

…….Head down to the Plage des Sports on the Boulevard du Midi, Cannes.


With lifeguard, ice creams, drinks & snacks as well as full restaurant service, served with a smile all day long (Yes, it is still in France), close access to fun beach toys like SUP, Banana boat rides, parasailing,  floating platforms to swim out to, all with clean changing rooms, showers and toilets right there and not pay a small fortune for this pleasure, then the Plage des Sports is #ThePlaceToBe!

Mr & Mrs Bagou have been running this private beach and restaurant since they bought it back in 1967.

That is 52 years!

Now working alongside their son & daughter, Olivier & Christine, and granddaughter too, they continue the tradition of providing a family-friendly, authentic beach experience. Here you can relax & unwind while soaking up the rays. Enjoy stunning views across the bay towards the Lerins Islands & the Esterel mountains. 

From their kitchen, enjoy fresh grilled fish. Or choose from a dozen large salads loaded with locally grown seasonal produce sourced at the local market. If you are lucky enough to be there on a Friday, be sure to try their famous aîoli.

(Insider tip: Try the American Poulet sandwich- it is freshly roasted chicken and french fries, served inside a fresh baguette! Delivered straight to your sun lounger! #SoWrongItsRight)!

With 50 years of loyal followers, be sure to book in advance by calling

+33 (0)


My family, along with many of their clients, have been going there for decades, (17 years & counting for the Silver family), and we are delighted to now take the youngest family members with us too!

Is it fancy?

Will you have the best time?

Do you need to dress up?
Certainly not!


Beach Time Fun! from Tina Silver on Vimeo.

If only we could stop arguing about who’s turn it is to flag down the waiter for more ice/rosé/ice creams………!

Other beaches if you are looking to try a few:

Paloma  – Cap Ferrat Recently reopened their beach sunbeds. Perfect for hob-knobbing with the rich and famous!   

Plage du Festival – Cannes. Simply the best on the famous Croisette! Great food, beautiful decor and lovely team!

Marco Polo – Theole-Sur-Mer A hidden gem!

How far away from Le Mas Candille are the beaches?

If you are heading to the Plage de Sports, allow 15 minutes by car.

For the sandy beaches of Cannes, allow 25 minutes, due to traffic in the summertime.

Theole and Antibes are around 30 minutes away: allow time for summer traffic here too!

St.Tropez is under an hour in the winter, but in summer we advise taking the FAST FERRY

(Departs from Cannes and this is how to avoid hours stuck in traffic)!

Côte d’Azur’s Best Beaches: Sand or pebbles?

The beaches from St.Tropez to Antibes are sandy.

From Nice, they are covered in pebbles! 

Therefore, choose wisely!


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