Le Mas Candille is proud to announce a 93/100 rating in the Female-Male Professional Gender Equality Index according to the French Labour Ministry.

Index Egalité hommes femme


The team at Le Mas Candille welcomes you to the Côte d’Azur!

When we reopen for the season, we will be looking for:


chef de partie (M/F), commis Pergola (M/F)

Patisserie:commi de patisserie(M/F)

Salle: commis de salle

Spa Candille: Spa praticien/Therapeute (M/F), stagiares

these positions are seasonal CDD contracts until 30th September, 39h a week, working split shifts, no accomodation provided.

Please apply via the form below.

 To apply for a job at Le Mas Candille, please fill in the application form below

and we will get back to you with any opportunities we have.