No? Just me then?

Actually, let me share something with you about St. Valentine’s day in our house: I never feel stressed about which gift/card/experience to buy/choose/reserve (feel free to delete (or add to) these options as you see fit).


My biggest concern is where did I store the heart-shaped dish that I use for his annual Valentine’s Day apple pie. (I admit to resorting to looking for it in the silliest of places, where it would have no logical reason to be; and yes, you guessed, finding it there…..don’t ask)!

You see, the thing is, what often makes the best gift, is something that shows the recipient that they are worth you expending a bit of thought on. Sometimes that means taking it back to basics, something authentic:

  • What makes them laugh our loud?
  • Makes them smile?
  • Is there something they never have time for?
  • What have they been passionate about since you first met?
  • What have they mentioned a few times in passing, that stood out to you?

If you take a little time to think about it, you may find the answer easier to find than you imagined.

In my case, it went a bit like this:

  • What makes them laugh out loud? Michael McIntyre, but I guess he'd be busy on Feb 14th
  • What makes them smile? When he sees cooking apples in the kitchen
  • Is there something they rarely have time for? A lengthy lunch/dinner with all our children, their partners and our grandkids (guess what would be for dessert)?
  • What have they been passionate about since you first met? Apple pie - as in "We haven't had apple pie in a while." "Have you made an apple pie?" "When are you going to make an apple pie?" "You know what I fancy...?" You get my drift. 

So you see, I sensed recurring theme years and years ago, grabbed on to it, and happily it is still working?

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been known to change the theme occasionally and have served up (heart-shaped) tiramisu or (heart-shaped) chocolate mousse, but the old favourite always seems to be the pie.

What does it cost me? Nothing much. Just need to remember to pick up the ingredients and fit in some time in the kitchen.

What do I get out of it?

A reason to put aside work and get stuck in making a mess in the kitchen, followed by a long, tasty meal in good company, with someone who appreciates the effort and actually finishes every last morsel, even if it doesn’t look particularly award-winning.

Take a look for yourself:


But what if you are looking for a change of scene?

St. Valentine’s Options

Then you simply turn your answers into these:

If apple pies won’t cut it in your home, click the link below for more details on all the fabulous romantic options at Le Mas Candille this Valentine’s Day, including the weekend after the 14th for those who can’t spare the time midweek!

However you spend February 14th this year, I wish you all a very happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Please share your ideas for a stress-free day in the comments below.

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