Phew! Is it just us, or is it hot in here? Time to hit the beach!

At Le Mas Candille, we love a good, hot summertime. Mojitos by the pool, a good book, and returning home from a holiday in the south of France with a tan all your friends could die for (summertime skincare for the win). Not only does so much sun exposure help our tans and our health, it’s also great for our mood!


Well, if we have to say one thing… maybe sunburns?

As Le Mas Candille is set in the gorgeous Provence rolling hills, just ten minutes from the beach in Cannes, we know a thing or two about summertime skincare. And while we all love freckles and sun-kissed skin, what we don’t love are sunburns, wrinkles and premature aging!

But not to worry! Thankfully, there are many ways to offset the negative effects of the sun on your skin during the hot Côte d’Azur summers. Because when you love something, you take care of it!

Indeed, our skin is our largest organ (every 12 year-old’s favourite biology fact). While many may consider skincare as something of a luxury, or even a vanity, it’s as important as taking care of any of our other organs.

Not to mention, everybody feels good when their skin looks good!

So, let’s go over some of the ways Le Mas Candille and ESPA can help you to take care of your skin this summer.


We all love summer, but we have to admit it’s a difficult time of year for our skin. Of course, the increased and stronger sun exposure, as well as more pollen and dust in the air, are only some of the challenges of the season

Yet there’s no reason that you still can’t enjoy a good beach day!

What’s important is to make sure you are taking care of your skin, and especially your face, throughout the summer. Unfortunately, good skincare is not a one-time fix, but a habit!

People’s personal skincare regimes are varied. For instance, they’ll go from the ‘I once bought a bottle of sun cream’ to the ‘I get daily facials’ à-la-Kim Kardashian.

Most people will find themselves somewhere on this spectrum. Fortunately, as daily Kardashian-level facials are expensive!

Aside from wearing sun cream everyday (even when it’s overcast!) to offset some of the sun’s strength and regularly cleansing your face to wash off the sea salt, road dust and air pollen, what can you do?


Le Mas Candille’s award-winning spa, the Spa Candille, offers clients ESPA treatments and skincare. ESPA is a world leader in skincare and wellbeing expertise.

Thankfully, the Spa Candille is a world leader in relaxation and Zen, so ESPA is a perfect fit for us!

As well as high-quality products and treatments, the Spa Candille is also incredibly proud of its spa therapists. So, what do they recommend as a prime treatment for summertime skincare?


Le Mas Candille’s spa offers a range of facials, as well as beauty treatments, to keep your skin glowing throughout the summer. Are you looking to offset any effects of aging on your skin? Is your skin dryer than usual because of the increased sun exposure? Are you breaking out from the humidity?

Whatever your skin needs, the Spa Candille has the solution. We typically recommend a facial at least once a month to maintain a healthy glow. What’s more, our expertly trained spa therapists will tailor your treatment to your skin to give you the best results.

Indeed, if you would like to try a facial with products, treatment and methods tailored to your summertime skincare needs, then book one of our ESPA Discovery Facials. This is ideal if you do not frequently get facials or have very sensitive skin, as our therapists will work with you to find what’s right for your skin.

For the ultimate relaxation and skincare experience, book one of our Mindful Facials. These are very popular with our clients as they refresh and cleanse your skin. Including herbal poultices, a soothing scalp massage and breathing techniques, what better way to treat yourself during the summer months?

Perhaps you’ve been noticing increased signs of aging on your skin, such as lines and wrinkles? Sun exposure can accelerate these marks as your skin becomes tired. Don’t worry about it! Our Age-Defying Facial is perfect for this. Designed to replenish and revitalise the skin, you’ll head back to the beach with a toned and radiant complexion!


Are you looking for something more targeted? While we would never say ‘no’ to a good facial, sometimes you need something a bit more specific…

For instance, eyes take a beating in the summertime but are rarely taken care of. Reading your book in the sun is all fun and games until you feel like all the squinting is giving you “morning after” bags! And for those of us suffering from hay fever, it may be time to give our tired eyes a little pampering.

Fortunately, the Spa Candille has just the thing. Our Lift & Firm Eye Treatment will do the trick! This treatment will help to reduce lines and the appearance of aging around your eyes. This will leave your eyes feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

And for the men out there, the Spa Candille hasn’t forgotten you! The Spa’s ESPA Facial for Men is a customised facial treatment for men, a relaxing summertime experience leaving you with a clear and refreshed complexion.


Don’t put off looking after yourself! There’s no time like the summer to start your summertime skincare off right.

To book any of our excellent and individually curated facials, please visit our website to book online or give us a call: +33 492 284 343. Our multi-lingual receptionists will be more than happy to help you book a treatment for yourself or for a someone else as a gift, and to answer any questions you may have.

The Spa Candille also offers massages, beauty treatments, reflexology and pre-natal care amongst other things. Sounds like a great gift idea for a loved one!

Our ESPA Pre-Natal Relax & Restore is a soothing massage targeting areas prone to tension and discomfort during pregnancy. As summers on the French Riviera can get pretty warm, this is a great idea for any expectant mum looking for some comfort. Our expert therapists work with the client as they lie in a side position and massage the back, using essential oils for a calming and relaxing environment.

Moreover, if you’re looking for more than just skincare sun-relief, why not book one of our Total Well-Being Days? Take a break from the sun and let yourself be pampered, with made-to-measure treatments including a personalised facial, luxury hand or foot treatment, and much more! Not to mention, a delicious lunch and the exclusive use of all our spa features…

See you there!

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