Happy November! The air’s chillier, the sky is darker, and Christmas is fast approaching…sounds like it’s time for a spa day!

While this blog will focus on discovering the incredible ESPA hot stone massage, it’s always important to take care of yourself more generally. There are many reasons for this to be true, but primarily, ensuring that self-care is part of your lifestyle and daily routine will help to keep you from falling ill or burning out.

As the pace of life increases and we become more and more surrounded by technology and the need for instant gratification, taking some time for yourself, your body, and your mind is extremely beneficial.

Also, preventative self-care leaves you better off in the long run. For example, in the case of skincare, putting aside 5 minutes every morning and night to cleanse and tone your skin can help to prevent future breakouts.

So Why Is November an Especially Good Time of Year to Prioritise Self-Care?

November is a great month, but let’s face it: it can be hectic. With the run-up to Christmas and the winter holidays (for those with children) fast approaching, to-do lists can pile up and self-care is often one of the first things to be dropped when things get busy.

So take the time now while you have it and treat yourself to some luxurious self-care at Le Mas Candille’s award-winning Spa Candille. This includes everything from a relaxing hot stone massage to a mindful pedicure!


The Spa Candille has a wide range of ESPA and Signature treatments to help you kick-start or maintain your self-care programme. There’s absolutely something for everyone! For instance…

Have your nails taken a hit from the recent cooler and dryer weather?

Have you lost out on some sleep from work or daylight savings?

Has your posture at work been getting the better of you and causing your lower back to ache?

Does your job involve lots of movement and have your feet taken the toll?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you desperately need to book in some time for yourself and allow your body to recover!

For dry and cracked nails, book a manicure with the Spa to keep your hands healthy.

Book a facial with the Spa Candille if your eyes are feeling tired and your skin has lost some of its freshness. Lack of sleep and the cold air are a bad combination for our skin! Luckily, our ESPA treatments can get it back on track.

Sitting down at a desk all day can take a serious toll on the lower back, which can in turn become responsible for headaches and migraines at work. Be sure to book a massage with us to iron out those kinks.

For those of you on your feet all day, enjoy a lengthy luxurious pedicure and keep your feet from getting tired out on the move!


The Spa Candille has so much to offer, you’re guaranteed to find the treatment that will best suit your needs.

However, if you’re unsure of which treatment would be ideal, why not dive into something new?

Every month, the Spa Candille offers an exclusive deal on one of their treatments. Both hotel guests and non-hotel guests are free to take advantage of these excellent offers.

This month’s offer at the Spa Candille is an exclusively priced 30-minute ESPA Express Facial when you book a 60-minute ESPA Hot Stone Massage.

Allow us to introduce you to this deeply relaxing form of massage: the hot stone massage at the Spa Candille.


Many people are familiar with the hot stone massage, although they may not have tried it themselves.

A hot stone massage, or hot stone therapy, is a specialist massage which makes use of smooth, heated basalt stones, positioned along your body. These are typically placed along your spine, in your palms, along your legs, and between your toes. These stones have a rich iron content which helps them to retain heat and soothes aching or tired muscles.

Supposedly, this type of treatment is thousands of years old!

Your masseuse will warm up your muscles with a traditional or Swedish massage, before placing the hot stone along your body’s key acupressure points.

The localised heat and weight of the stones help to relax the muscles, while also enabling your masseuse to apply deeper pressure during the massage.

The stones are gradually heated up to a specific temperature in order to help your muscles to unwind and unknot. However, at no point of the treatment should the stones be hurting your muscles or skin. If at any point you feel the temperature is too high, tell your masseuse as soon as possible. And if you know you are particularly prone to being heat-sensitive, please do let your masseuse know ahead of time so they can adjust the temperature of the stones accordingly.


Absolutely! Everyone should feel free to try out a hot stone massage. Many people find them to be deeply relaxing thanks to the added weight and heat of the stones.

However, as with all massages, if you have certain medical conditions you should first check with a doctor whether a massage is suitable to your health needs. For instance, for those with high blood pressure and recent surgery, it may not be suggested.

Fortunately, the Spa Candille has such a wide range of treatments that even if a massage isn’t an option for you, we have many more treatments for you to choose from! You can explore these options on our Spa website here.


This month’s exclusive Spa Candille offer is an ultimate relaxation and pampering package!

The Spa Candille is offering spa guests an exceptionally priced 30-minute ESPA Express facial when they book a 60-minute ESPA hot stone massage.

Exclusively in November, both treatments together will cost 135€ instead of 185€!

Make the most out of this excellent Spa offer to try out the hot stone massage and give your muscles a relaxing treat! Meanwhile, allow your face to recover from the season change with a deeply cleansing and relaxing facial.

What’s more, don’t miss out on this opportunity to gift a loved one a relaxing and wholesome Spa experience! Is anyone’s birthday coming up? Has Christmas come early? Do you want to show someone how much you love and appreciate them, but don’t know how?

90 minutes of pure relaxation is the perfect way of showering someone with affection this November.


For more information on the Spa's November deal, or to bool directly with us, please call Spa Candille: +33 4 92 28 43 53.

To book with is through our website, please click here.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Spa Candille!

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