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Le Mas Candille’s biggest strength is our excellent team. Their professionalism, friendly dispositions and extensive knowledge are what makes a stay at Le Mas Candille stand out.

We think it’s important for our guests to know more about our team members, and we want to share more about their background and excellent credentials.

This month, we’ve tracked down the Le Mas Candille’s assistant housekeeper, Liza, to find out a bit more about her for you.

Hi Liza! For how long have you been working at the hotel?

I’ve been working at Le Mas Candille since 2016. I started out as a housekeeper, then became the manager of the laundry room, before becoming the assistant head housekeeper here.

What do you enjoy the most about this position?

I enjoy having contact with the guests, the organization involved, achieving my objectives, and ensuring our guests’ wellbeing and the upkeep of the establishment.

What was your experience before joining Le Mas Candille’s team?

I was trained for this position while working at Le Mas Candille.

In your opinion, what do our guests love the most about Le Mas Candille?

The property and surrounding environment, the décor, and the many opportunities to rest and unwind, such as the Spa Candille.

Tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from?

I’m from the Philippines, and I received my degree in psychology there in 2002. I moved to France in 2004.

I started working as a housekeeper for a family and as a companion to an elderly woman. In 2005, I was hired as a multi-skilled housekeeper by the hotel 3.14 in Cannes and worked there until 2015. I was also part of the seasonal staff at the Hotel Martinez where I worked the evening service. I also spent three seasons working for the Saudi Arabian royal family as their housekeeper.

I am a strong and sensible person. I’m a hard worker, as well as being ambitious, generous, and always willing to help others.

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

In my free time I like to read, go into town, meet my friends, and especially call my family in the Philippines.

Thanks Liza!

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