Everybody loves travelling. Whether you’re off on a six-month-long leg around the world, or you’re sneaking a quick weekend break away from work, you can’t go wrong. Travelling is great for you in so many ways: it’s de-stressing, exciting, calming, and anything you want it to be! Unfortunately, staying fit while travelling can be tricky (or managing your bank account, but let’s ignore that).

No matter what type of holiday you’re on, be it a luxurious beach trip or a budget city break, it’s all about getting out there and taking a break. This also means taking a break from your regular routine. However, when exercise is a part of that routine, it can tend to get left behind when you board the plane.


Part of the reason that staying fit while travelling can be challenging is motivation. For some people, this isn’t a problem at all (I wish I was one of these people!). For others, the idea of fitting a quick gym session into their morning before heading off to the beach sounds like a nightmare.

Don’t worry about it! We, at Le Mas Candille, have had a bit of a think about it and we’ve got the perfect solutions for you.


Le Mas Candille aims to welcome its guests into a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. Yet, this isn’t to say that guests shouldn’t be able to pursue their active lifestyles if they so wish.

Our gym, set in the Spa Candille’s Japanese garden, is fully equipped and has a stunning view of the pre-Alpes. However, we recognise that the gym isn’t for everyone!

Check these out below for some great ideas to stay healthy while on holiday!


A big reason many travellers put off exercising while on holiday is because it takes away from the time they have to enjoy their surroundings.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t go on six-month-long holidays. We put a lot of pressure on our few days away to help us relax, de-stress, but also to give ourselves a chance for adventure and exploring. That’s a lot to fit into a few days! And where can you fit in the exercise time?

A great way of getting around this is staying active on holiday by engaging with the environment you are in. Why spend an hour in the gym when you can spend a day laying on a beach and swimming in the Med?

Swimming is an incredibly beneficial, full-body exercise. It’s also one which few people get a chance to engage in on a daily basis.

At Le Mas Candille, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to swimming. Read our blog on the best beaches near the hotel and enjoy unlimited sea access less than 20 minutes from your hotel room!

And if you’re more of a pool swimmer, even better: Le Mas Candille is a swimmer’s paradise! Read more about our in-hotel swimming pools.


Often underrated, walking is a great way of staying active while abroad. Setting yourself a daily step goal is even easier on holiday because you have so much more to see. Also, a holiday is a great opportunity to avoid public transport and enjoy discovering an area on foot!

Le Mas Candille has lots of great options for those looking to take a stroll. If you fancy a gentle walk after dinner at Le Candille, wander up to the medieval Mougins village (a 5-minute walk away) and discover the winding alleys and open-air art exhibitions.

For a long afternoon out, head to Antibes, only 15 minutes from Le Mas Candille. If you’d like to learn more about the historical city, why not join an excellent English-language walking tour of the town? Join Cédric and discover the history and flavours of Antibes. We’ve tried and tested it and couldn’t recommend it more.

Or, spend a couple of hours walking along the coast of the famous Cap d’Antibes, and enjoy the sea air and the sounds of waves crashing beneath the cliffs.

For those looking to take a proper hike, Le Mas Candille is conveniently located less than an hour from the Gorges du Verdon. Kayak in the sparkling turquoise waters and take a hike in one of the natural wonders of Provence.


Joining a local sports class is another great way to stay fit while travelling. Not only are you getting some exercise, but you’re also visiting areas you wouldn’t necessarily have visited otherwise and meeting locals.

In some cases, getting involved in a local sports class can be a unique cultural experience. Think of Muay Thai in Thailand, or Aikido in Japan.

In Le Mas Candille’s corner of the world, the most popular sports are tennis, yoga and golf. Thankfully, we know the best places for all three!

Yoga is gaining in popularity in the south of France. This is probably because, as a major global holiday destination, the French Riviera is generally a pretty relaxing place. If you’d like to get involved in a local yoga class, you’re in luck! Le Mas Candille has been running weekly yoga classes throughout the summer and would be happy to arrange activities with trusted schools.

As for tennis, Le Mas Candille partners with a local tennis association, the Tennis Club de Mougins. If you contact our lovely reception team, they would be more than happy to arrange anything from private lessons to booking a court for you.

And as for golf… well, that’s a whole topic in itself! The French Riviera is a renowned golfing destination and you’re absolutely spoilt for choice by staying with Le Mas Candille! We’re perfectly placed to guarantee you the perfect course for your golfing needs.

To learn more about the golf courses nearby, check out our blog post on all the golfing options the south of France has to offer.


It’s great to stay active while travelling. Not only will it keep you feeling fresh and happy, but it also gives you a great chance to engage in new activities and explore the local area.

Of course, in Le Mas Candille’s opinion… the best part about staying fit while travelling is all the extra food and wine you can get away with!

When you’re staying at Le Mas Candille, you’ve got the best of both worlds: a relaxing, luxurious stay on the French Riviera, and a gateway to the endless activities the south of France has to offer!

For more information on any of the information mentioned above, please feel free to check our website, get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or give our excellent reception team a call: +33 4 92 28 43 43.

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