May and June are one of the best months to visit the French Riviera. The summer is just around the corner, which means the days are long and sunny, and the towns and beaches of the coast aren’t yet crowded. For many fitness enthusiasts, May and June are also a great time to pick up their fitness goals and get fit before the summer.

There are many ways of staying fit, including outdoor exercise, hitting the gym, and team sports. Unfortunately, 2020 hasn’t made any of these easy! Avoiding social contact, staying home, and gyms and hotels closing has made many people’s fitness goals difficult to achieve.

For those who have not yet been able to return to the gym, Le Mas Candille has put together some great ideas for exercises and workouts that will keep you fit while the gym is closed. These will have you meeting your fitness goals in no time!


Now, more than ever, it is essential to be regularly exercising. Exercise can have a big impact on daily moods and on overall health. This is so important during this period of quarantine in 2020 as big changes to routine and increased job stress can negatively affect our moods and behaviours.

As exercise is one solution to these problems, why not take this time to throw yourself back into it? And if it hasn’t been a big feature of your routine until now, this is an ideal time to get started on a new fitness journey.


One of the benefits of staying home during the technological era is the volume of online resources available. Thankfully, this extends to fitness classes!

While lots of online fitness classes feature equipment, such as weights and kettlebells, a lot of these can be replaced by standard household items. For example, don’t have kettlebells? Not to worry! In these cases, why not try the routine with a heavy book or a bottle of wine?

YouTube is a great resource for finding online yoga practice and effective fitness workouts. Some great channels include Yoga with Adriene, the Body Coach TV, and cardio workouts with Les Mills.


Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice founded in India several centuries ago. Nowadays, it is also a very popular method of staying healthy, both physically and mentally.  Daily practice of yoga will not only contribute to your overall fitness level; it will also have many other benefits to your health.

These include improving your flexibility, posture, and strength, as well as boosting your mood, increasing your energy, and encouraging weight loss. Yoga is an exercise which is easy to slip into your routine, as just 15 minutes a day can drastically alter your health for the better. Check out online resources if you are looking to get started gradually. As already mentioned, YouTube will be your friend here.

Alternatively, for those located on the Côte d’Azur and for our guests, Le Mas Candille has the answer to all of your yoga needs. Throughout the summer, Le Mas Candille hosts twice-weekly yoga classes led by a certified instructor. Nothing better for keeping you fit and stretching out your muscles after a long day of sunbathing!

Additionally, Le Mas Candille is more than happy to arrange for private yoga sessions for our guests. For more information on this, please get in touch by contacting our reception team: +33 4 92 28 43 43.


Given the ongoing global health crisis, many governments have limited the time each person can spend outside per day. Fortunately, Le Mas Candille is in a ‘green’ region of France, meaning that risks of contagion are significantly lower than elsewhere. One of the many benefits of this is that the public is now allowed to exercise and make use of forests and parks again!

For those of our clients who live in the same region as Le Mas Candille, the Valmasque forest is an excellent resource at this time of year. Perfect for staying fit: walks, runs, hikes, you name it!

The most important thing in this situation is to take advantage of this time outdoors! One way Le Mas Candille suggests to do this is to take another look at running. Running can be fast-paced and high-intensity or slower and more focused on endurance. It can also be easily adapted to your fitness level. It is also a great way to get outdoors, get some fresh air, and explore neighbourhoods.

Alternatively, if running just isn’t for you, consider the wealth of outdoor activity you can do to keep fit. Make the most out of restrictions easing on outings and activities in France during the month of May. Why not get back into golfing, try your hand at pétanque, or go for a swim? For more on golfing in the Côte d’Azur, read our blog on all the courses near Mougins and Le Mas Candille.


The most important thing to focus on is your health. Regular, daily exercise can make a huge difference in wellbeing, especially while you are confined to your home.

As May leads into the summer season on the warm and sunny Côte d’Azur, don’t forget to make the most of your environment when maintaining your fitness goals. Go for a run in the Valmasque, enjoy a long walk along the Cap d’Antibes, or go for a swim in the bright blue sea in Cannes.

Not only will keeping fit keep you healthy, but it will also boost your mood and energy. What more could you ask for?

Keep in touch with Le Mas Candille and let us know how your summer 2020 fitness goals are going by staying in touch with us on Instagram or Facebook! And of course, we’re looking forward to seeing all of our guests back in our Candille gym soon.

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