2020 IS HERE!

Happy New Year! 2020 has arrived, and with it, an entirely new decade.

New Year celebrations are some of the most controversial in many people’s opinion, as while some love the chance to welcome in a new year in style, many others treat January 1stno different than other days and prefer to keep the celebrations to a minimum.

Whether you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve or not, the beginning of a new year is always an exciting time. A time for making resolutions and setting goals, as well as catching up with friends and family and taking a short break from work.

The start of a new decade is especially exciting. 2010, now ten years ago, feels like much farther back in time! The world has since seen massive changes in technology, politics, language, style and so much more.


Le Mas Candille itself looked very different at the beginning of the last decade. As we are now coming up to our 20-year anniversary, it is enjoyable to look back on how different our décor, personnel, and ambiance was ten years ago.

While our menus are ever-changing, our dining, in general, has evolved more gently. Le Mas Candille now offers our guests a multitude of dining options, from internationally-recognized gastronomic dining to more laid-back, delicious bistro dining. We are especially proud of Le Candille’s inspired market menu, which focuses on fresh produce to craft delicious and seasonal menus for guests. See Le Mas Candille’s latest menus here.

The Spa Candille and gym have also undergone significant changes. This included upgrading the equipment and spa infrastructure to better accommodate guests’ needs, to becoming a proud ESPA treatment and relaxation centre. The Spa Candille currently offers a full range of ESPA and Signature treatments, as you can explore on our website here. The Spa and restaurant also come together in our cocooning days to offer the best of everything we have to offer to both internal and external guests. Find out more here!


We also welcomed in 2009 our newest guest rooms: the suites! A haven of calm, privacy and modernity, Le Mas Candille’s suites are fitted with state-of-the-art room features and each has its own private terrace. Perfect for those Provencal sunsets, and a welcome addition to the Mas Candille family!

Le Mas Candille’s La Bastide and Le Mas guest rooms have also been recently re-decorated and upgraded with the latest amenities to better accommodate our guests.

For a look at our beautiful rooms, click here and view Le Mas Candille’s gallery of photos, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest images!

The last decade has seen lots of positive changes at Le Mas Candille. Who knows where we will be in 2030? We look forward to finding out!


New Year’s Eve resolutions are popular for a reason. Most of us like a nice, clean transition from one thing to another. There’s a reason most diets start on a Monday or a first of the month!

January is the ultimate version of this. What better time to start a new fitness regime, kick off a new good habit, or set out on your professional or personal goals than the first month of a new year? What a lovely, clean start to any personal challenge!

While we may never know why we are like this, it is true that the new year is an excellent time to re-evaluate life choices, remove bad habits, and adjust lifestyles.

Moreover, setting yourself any kind of goal keeps you focused and driven, improving your overall mood and lifting your spirits when things get tough!

While not everyone has a specific goal or change in mind when it comes to resolutions, if you are looking for a challenge or a change, there are always improvements to be made.

So, let’s look at some common New Year’s resolutions…


The start of a new year is a great time to take a good, hard look at your lifestyle and evaluate whether you may be causing damage to your health. Some common changes made include getting enough sleep, drinking less, putting aside more “you” time, and prioritising mental health.

Fortunately, as important as all the above goals are, they are also changes that can be easily made!

When it comes to mental health, the key thing is to listen to yourself and adjust your lifestyle and habits when change becomes necessary. For instance, are you constantly tired? Are you feeling less motivated and frequently in low spirits? It’s possible you’ve got too much on your plate. Watch out for this, as over-doing it can quickly lead to burnout, which can affect your personal relationships and work life.


Not to worry though! The key is rest. Make sure you get enough sleep and, importantly, put some time aside regularly to be by yourself and engage in activities that you enjoy. Whether this is reading a book in the park or going for a massage, it will make a big difference. Also, make sure you have an active lifestyle. Exercise will keep your spirits up and your body fit.

Self-care is key, especially as we surround ourselves with technology and find it harder to separate our work life from our personal life.

For a good de-stress and self-care day, consider offering yourself a Spa Candille cocooning day. Enjoy two luxurious ESPA treatments, a delicious Mas Candille lunch, and full access to our spa amenities, calming Japanese garden, and fully-equipped gym. Do this with a friend for a chance to catch up, or do it alone to take some time out from the rush of everyday life.


Have you always wanted to go on a week-long skiing trip in the Alpes? How about a visit to the southern French vineyards, enjoying the wine tasting and visits to the expansive sunflower and lavender fields?

It’s easy to put things off, especially as the pace of work and life always seems to accelerate. Why not grasp these travel opportunities in 2020? When better than now to start going on the trips you’ve promised yourself will happen “soon”?

Le Mas Candille, nestled in the pre-Alpes between the mountains and the sea, knows a thing or two about luxury travel. Located in Mougins, Le Mas Candille is the perfect base destination for everything the Mediterranean region and the south of France have to offer. From skiing trips to vineyard tours, and everything in between, we know where to go and how to get there in style.

Give our excellent reception team a call on +33 4 92 28 43 43 and visit our blog page on Le Mas Candille’s website to see some of the gems our region has to offer. Interested in a golf trip? Read our blog about the best courses on the Riviera. How about a beach holiday? We’ve got a list of the best beaches on the coast here. And so much more!

2020 IS HERE!

The new decade is here, and at Le Mas Candille, we’re excited. To start your year off right, why not book your stay now, and have something to look forward to in the new year? We’re looking forward to seeing you in 2020!


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