Welcome to Le Mas Candille, to Mougins, and to the Côte d’Azur! As a destination, the French Riviera is known most of all for its stunning weather and delicious food. But what would any of that be without the wine?

Settled in the region of Provence, Mougins is lucky to have prime access to some of the most renowned vineyards in the south of France. At Le Mas Candille, we believe that the more wine, the better. While we sometimes like to focus on nearby vineyards and introduce our guests to the range of reds, whites and rosés available from Provence, the south, and the Mediterranean region in general, we are also very proud of our extensive wine cellar.


Wine is often synonymous with France, and with the south of France in particular. Le Mas Candille is so fortunate to be located right at the centre of everything! Some of the region’s top vineyards are located less than an hour’s drive from our hotel, and welcome visitors on their guided tours and wine tastings.


However, if you’re staying with us and are interested in learning more about wine, look no further than the specialised staff of our Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Candille.

Whatever your favourite wine or vineyard, just ask our wonderful sommeliers. Trained for years and well-experienced, they’ll be more than happy to make recommendations or find the exact bottle you’re looking for.

If you would be interested in wine tastings, or simply learning more about the process directly from our sommeliers, please do not hesitate to ask our reception staff for more information. You reach them via email:, or by phone: +33 4 92 28 43 43.


The Provence wine region is internationally renowned for its high quality wines, and for good reason.

The region of Provence itself is set along the Mediterranean coast in the south-east of France. It is bordered by the Côte d’Azur to the east, where Le Mas Candille is located, and the Rhône River to the west. Thanks to this brilliant location, the region gets lots of sunshine, minimal rain, and an ideal climate for growing grapes.

It is claimed that Provence is one of France’s oldest wine producing regions, making it extra special and definitely worth a visit. Thanks to the variety in soil, plants, climate and altitude, Provence is home to a large variety of grapes.

AOC, the French certification granted to certain geographical regions within France dedicated to growing specific grapes and other agricultural products, divide the majority of the Provence wine regions.

Côte de Provence is the largest AOC of the region, responsible for producing approximately 75% of the wine. Within this label, there are four so-called “sub-regions” for wine productions which reflect the variety of grapes grown there. Many of these wines are available in Le Candille’s extensive wine cellar.

Some well-known Provence vineyards include Château de Berne, Domaine de Marie, Domaine Rabiega, and many more!


Enough background! Let’s get to the interesting question: what are wine pairings all about?

Wine pairing is a process which involves matching wine to food dishes in order to enhance the flavours and bring out the subtleties of a dish. Wine pairing could easily be said to be an institution in its own right in France. For those with an interest in wine, wine pairing is a complex but vastly interesting subject to explore further on your trip to the south of France.


It is often said that although wine pairing is a complex process, the basic can be simple to grasp. According to many sommeliers, there are a few simple rules that can be learnt to help a novice get started on their self-wine pairing journey.

Great news! Those experts in wine pairing claim it supposedly involves a lot of common sense. Meaning, anyone can get started with wine pairing!

There are some basic principles underlying the process. For instance, while many believe wine pairing is about the type of food involved, it is actually much more about the way in which the food is cooked. Think of the difference between coq au vin and a chicken curry, for reference.

Furthermore, what kind of dish are you preparing? Is it something heavy and hearty, or light and creamy? And, what other ingredients are involved in the meal?

A lot of knowledge goes into wine pairings, but let’s look at some basic rules below to get you started!


For those not expertly versed in wine tasting, follow some of these simple rules to keep awful pairings to a minimum!

First of all, the wine should be more acidic, and sweeter, than the food it is being paired with.

Next, ensure the wine has the same level of flavour intensity as the dish.

You can always count on these tried and tested basic pairings: first of all, red wine is best paired with red meat. For example, Pinot Noir can be paired with meats such as sausage, lamb, and filet mignon, and with truffle, cinnamon, and clove.

White wine is best paired with meats of a lighter disposition. For instance, Chardonnay is best paired with veal, pork, and chicken, and with cream sauces and spices like tarragon.

When it comes to rosé, pair it with lighter dishes. For instance, many Provencal rosés pair very nicely with seafood, light pasta dishes, and salads. However, rosés graduation from a purely summer wine to an all-year drink is a conversation worth having in itself…


Le Mas Candille’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Candille, is well-known for its elegant wine pairings. Our star sommeliers are more than happy to delve into more detail about the wines we are proud to serve.

As wine is so integral to our dining experience, our chefs craft their menus with it in mind. When dining with us, be sure to request wine pairing alongside your meal for the full tasting experience.

You can find Le Candille’s menu here, and a snapshot of our available wines here. For a more extensive list and to plan your meal, call our excellent staff: +33 4  92 28 43 43.

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