Welcome to the South of France! We’ve got everything you could want for a perfect trip: the weather, the food, the culture, and much more!

If you’re not convinced that you can justify a holiday for yourself just yet, check out our blog on the importance of giving yourself a break. And to reserve your stay at Le Mas Candille, you can book with us directly here!

So you’ve booked your stay (easy), and you now might be worried about figuring out how to get here (hard?).

Thankfully, getting to the south of France is also surprisingly easy!

At the time of writing in October 2020, travelling both domestically and internationally has changed. While we can’t predict what travel via flights, trains, and buses will look like in 2021 when Le Mas Candille re-opens, we can guarantee that the travel industry will continue to thrive.

So, let’s dive in and look at some of the ways you can travel to the south of France, year-round.


The nearest and most convenient international airport to Le Mas Candille and the French Riviera is Nice International Airport. Nice is a regional transport hub and conveniently located only twenty minutes’ drive from Le Mas Candille.

To get from the airport to the hotel, you can arrange with our excellent, multi-lingual reception team to have private transport ready to whisk you away directly from the gate.

Alternatively, you can book a taxi from the airport. You can also get the tram directly from the airport terminals into the centre of the city and get on a bus to Mougins. The bus from Nice should take approximately 40 minutes.

For recommendations on the best and most affordable taxi services from Nice airport, please get in touch with our reception staff. We have some excellent companies we have worked with for many years and would be happy to recommend and arrange these for you.


Getting to Nice International Airport from a European destination couldn’t be easier! Plenty of regional airlines have regular, if not daily, direct flights to Nice at very affordable prices.

EasyJet, KLM City-hopper and Lufthansa Regional are just some of the more popular airlines that come to mind. Given the relatively small size of the European continent and the popularity of Nice as a holiday destination, you’ll be able to find good deals on flights year-round.

Tip: EasyJet and Air France have especially good flight deals to and from Nice. Check them out!

If you’re coming to Nice from the United Kingdom, you’re in luck: flights to and from London (as well as other major UK cities such as Manchester and Liverpool) can be as cheap as 30 pounds for a return flight. Ryanair, from London Stansted, also offers regular flights to Nice at these prices.

Check out the table below (source: official website of Nice International Airport) to discover all of the European destinations from which you can fly to Nice directly (please note, this timetable does take into account the pandemic restrictions and alterations).


If you’re not a big flyer, not to worry! The trans-European train network is famed for good reason. If you’re heading to Nice from Paris, it may be even quicker (not to mention smoother) for you to get the five-hour direct fast train (TGV) to the south. Plus: no baggage fees!

If you’re coming from other French cities, northern Italy or northern Spain, consider getting the train as well: not only might you get to enjoy the stunning views of the coast on your way, but the online booking system streamlines the whole process.

If you’re getting to the Riviera by train, you can choose to get off at Cannes instead of Nice. The town is a lot closer to Mougins than Nice! While Le Mas Candille would always be more than happy to arrange a pick-up for you, Cannes is a convenient location to get the bus to Mougins from.

Getting from Cannes to Mougins by bus shouldn’t take you more than twenty minutes, and it will only cost you 1 euro and 50 cents. Not to mention, you’ll be driving through Cannes, Mougins and the streets in between and getting a good first look at France on your way (note: it’s a lot of boulangeries!).


Given the enormous size of the United States, the Riviera is relatively quite close by as far as international destinations go! I’ve often heard it said that the US has such varied climate and local cultures that it’s easier to travel to a different location within the country, but I would strongly argue in favour of going abroad whenever you can.

For those on the east coast, Nice is as close as LA! Throw in the food and delightful French culture and you have no choice but to come over for a holiday.

Most flights to Nice from the USA will fly with a stopover in London, Amsterdam, or Munich, which are all seamless transport hubs.

Furthermore, don’t be put off by the cost of flights crossing the Atlantic. Booking ahead and using budget sites, including Expedia and Skyscanner, often saves a lot of money on flights.

It is also always a good idea to check the budget airlines: Norwegian Airlines has been known to have some excellent deals on flights from the US!



For those of you travelling from the UK, not to worry! At the time of writing, Brexit will not have any impact on your ability to travel between the UK and France (and by extension, the rest of the EU) after the United Kingdom formally leaves the European Union.

The EU, the UK and the relevant airlines have all committed to maintaining regular flights to ensure a seamless transition period. Also, UK passport-holders will not need to apply for any kind of European visa until, at the very earliest, 2021.

The key things to remember are to ensure your passport is up to date and valid for at least six months after your planned travel. Also, check back regularly on the website below for details about travelling to France.

The ABTA website has lots of very useful and up-to-date information about travelling to the European Union from the UK, and the British government is regularly publishing updates to EU travel rules for British nationals, such as this updated, personalized guidance post.

As we all know, Brexit is a hot mess, but at least you can come away on holiday to get away from it all!


Now that you’ve got your travel plans sorted out, you can sit back and start looking forward to your relaxing holiday at Le Mas Candille on the French Riviera!

See you soon!

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