It’s been an interesting year for travel and a difficult one for the travel industry. However, despite restrictions, closed borders, and a pandemic, international and domestic travel did not come to a complete stop this year.

In particular, the luxury travel industry saw some highlights in 2020. In France, following the mandatory government-placed travel restrictions, hotels and restaurants were able to re-open in June.

Le Mas Candille re-opened its hotel, restaurant, and spa in June of this year and remained open through to the autumnal season. Nearby, the beaches in Cannes were also re-opened, as were a majority of the restaurants in the surrounding areas.

So, to resume, luxury travel is far from over this year!

But what are some of the biggest trends we’ve seen so far in the industry this year?


A period of protracted stress is proven to wreak havoc on a person’s mental health. Stress can manifest in many forms, such as through work, relationships, and money problems. When you add a global pandemic, working from home, and cancelled holidays to the mix, stress goes through the roof!

What this means is that after the sustained uncertainty and anxiety over travel this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, when people do travel, they’re focusing on wellbeing above all else.

This focus on self-care is visible in the popularity of spa hotels and stays focused on spa breaks.

This trend is one which Le Mas Candille is well-placed to participate in. Our ESPA-branded Spa Candille offers hotel and external guests a full range of luxury treatments and products. From signature massages to specialized facials and everything in between, the Spa Candille is ready to accommodate our clients’ needs. Find our full repertoire of treatments here.

Additionally, if you plan on indulging in this trend, why not check out our wellbeing-focused stay packages? Check them out here and read more about them here.


Another big trend in luxury travel this year is getting back to nature. This makes a lot of sense in the context of many travellers having spent several weeks or months staying in their homes due to the pandemic.

This desire to take advantage of the outdoors, in conjunction with the above focus on wellbeing, also blends into an increased awareness of climate change. As events from the year make the effects of the change in global temperatures even clearer, there is a growing emphasis on enjoying the natural environment while on holiday.

Le Mas Candille benefits from 8 acres of land. A trip to our hotel will immerse you in the beautiful southern French environment, complete with views of Grasse and the Prealps. Enjoy the sunset on our terrace, surrounded by the many pine trees typical of Provence.

Or, book a Spa Candille treatment and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of our traditional Japanese garden.


Lastly, off-season travel has stood out as a new trend in the industry in 2020. Again due to the uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, many travellers were forced to adapt their plans and adjust their holiday timetables.

Fortunately, when it comes to off-season luxury travel, Le Mas Candille is a top spot to visit!

For example, autumn is an ideal season to visit the south of France. Our sunshine and blue skies are year-round features, for one thing! This also means that you can enjoy all of the same activities you would in the summer, such as walks along the beach, hiking around the Gorges du Verdon, visiting art galleries, in pleasant weather.

What’s more, you can do it without the throngs of tourists which fill the Riviera’s towns every summer! Read more about autumn on the Côte d’Azur here.

Winter is also an excellent time to visit our wonderful region.

When vacationing in the winter months on the French Riviera, what you lack in heat, you more than make up for in peace, quiet and a more authentic holiday experience. This also includes drastically lower tourist volumes, and cheaper prices to boot since restaurants and shops are more eager for your custom.

Also, if you pick our slice of the region to visit, could experience even more Spring-like temperatures of 17 degrees in November.

To read more about the benefits of travelling to the south of France in the winter, click here.


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