Renowned Finnish blogging website Avec Sofie visited Le Mas Candille recently, noting some excellent things to do in the Mougins area and showing why Le Mas Candille is such a wonderful honeymoon location.

This blog is translated, but you can still view the original Finnish version on Avec Sophie.

Le Mas Candille honeymoon

I am frequently asked where to stay in the south of France, ‘is it worth it?’ and ‘what shall we do while we are there?’ I am afraid to answer because people like so many different things from their holidays and the French Riviera is so diverse, even within a relatively compact area.

Every city is different, and the next place can be another’s idea of paradise, while someone else is just looking for a bargain. When I’m in the south, I want peace. So I don’t choose Nice or Cannes, but instead prefer the little places as silence and peacefulness are important to me.

‘The Most Beautiful Hotel’

Breakfast at Le Mas Candille

This summer I really wanted total silence and I got it when we went into the middle of nowhere at the Metafort design B & B. But before heading to the mountains, we stopped for a couple of days near Cannes, at the village of Mougins. I had never heard of this village before, but fortunately my other half knows what I like, so I leave the hotel reservations to her.

Mougins is about fifteen minutes from Cannes and while the drive is short, the feeling is quite different. Mougins is a small, hilltop artist village and is home to the most beautiful hotel, set in a former olive farm.

We decided that we would not have a traditional honeymoon, but instead we would take many mini honeymoon trips every now and then, and staying at Le Mas Candille was just like a honeymoon. It felt that the whole trip last summer was a honeymoon, but if someone is looking for a perfect destination after their wedding, Le Mas Candille is a fabulous choice.

The hotel is very French and it has a Michelin-starred restaurant. If you want privacy and tranquility, the hotel and the medieval village give you that. If you want something lively, then Cannes is just a short drive down the hill and is full of hustle and bustle.

The hotel is a mix of romanticism and old-time glamour with modern and contemporary touches throughout. The restaurant, with its cheese trolley and cigars, perfectly matched its settling, overlooking incredible gardens with views towards Grasse in the distance, the world’s perfume capital.

The Rich History of Mougins Village

Mougins Village itself is a bit like Saint-Paul-de-Vence on  a smaller size. Picasso spent the last 12 years of his life there. There are small alleys, art galleries and many fabulous restaurants. Such a wonderfully picture-perfect and peaceful village. The village is really small, so go there for a day trip, because it is a secret gem.

I know that Finland’s summer season is about to come to an end, but I would point out that in France, and especially in southern France, there is still summertime in September and early October. So, if you have holiday days left, you should think about using them then as in September and October the biggest tourist masses are gone and the temperature is pleasant and it’s not as busy as in July or August.

You often ask about driving in southern France: I would say it is no trouble. You have to be careful, but this is usually the case in traffic. If you want to drive slower, you do not have to go along the motorways, but take the scenic beach roads where the slower pace allows you time to soak up the views. Don’t forget there are many public transport options to consider if you prefer not to drive: take a train, bus, tram so you will see a little more.