Our Gardens

A colourful and aromatic sensation

Stretching over eight acres, our gardens are a feast for all the senses, alive with a multitude of scents and colour, with peaceful grassy hangouts, treelined walkways, lush suntraps and cool, hidden terraces.

Arrive, and take in the abundance of olive trees and sweeping views, up to the nearby village of Mougins and across the valley to the foothills of the Alps, behind Grasse.

This is where you'll find a large, grassy areas with spectacular views, perfect for picnics and the occasional proposal! Guests can also take part in our popular yoga classes here.

Olive Trees

As a former olive farm, the trees are a stand-out feature of the gardens. Spot our most famous olive tree, reputed to be more than 800 years old, standing proud by The Villa Suites.

Also, keep an eye out for the abundance of cypress trees around the property. The name Candille is the local dialect for the tall cypress trees that resemble candles.

Rumour has it that the old farm had so many of them that it stood out as a landmark to Napoleon on his journey north to Paris, and that he camped here for a night. The "Route de Napoleon" goes right through Mougins, so there could be some truth to this story.

Flora & Fauna

As well as offering captivating views, we encourage guests to look down too, and soak up the dazzling array of colours and aromas that come from our plants, herbs, flowers and fruit trees.

We give you: jasmine, rosemary, agapanthus, roses, bamboo, wisteria, lavender, iris bottlebrush plants and mimosa. And if you're peckish, find our fruit trees that include: avocado, lemon, orange, clementine and cherry. All ripened by the lazy, hazy, Mediterranean sun.

Art Works

Dotted around our lovely natural environment, find unexpected artworks that frame the breath-taking vistas.

Don't miss: The roof gardens of the villa suites that feature handblown glass by local Biot artist, Antione Pierini.

The other main artist is Marion Burkle, with the most iconic of her statues, The Dancer, dominating the main pool. She also has a number of other artworks around the gardens.

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