Our Favourite Town: Mougins

At Le Mas Candille, we love being part of the Mougins community and would like to share our favourite things to do in Mougins that are not necessarily on a tourist map. Read on to discover our top 5 things to do in Mougins, France.

Mougins is a beautiful hilltop village located in the Provence Cote d’Azur in the South of France. The quaint town of Mougins is located a mere 7.5km from Cannes, meaning it is only a 20-minute drive. Typical temperatures in Mougins range between 20-27 degrees in the summer months (May- October) to 12-16 degrees in the winter months (November-April) which makes for the perfect temperature all year round for relaxing as well as exploring the South of France.

  1. Etang de Fontmerle

Home to Europe’s largest lotus colony, the Fontermerle pond is a must-see in Mougins. The Fontmerle is a rare and remarkable 5-hectare site natural pond on the edge of Parc de La Valmasque. The lotuses are in bloom from July to mid-September with flowers up to 25cm in diameter and leaves up to 1m across. You don’t want to miss these stunning flowers in bloom!

Not to worry if you miss the lotus pond though, as this natural pond is also home to over 70 species of birds. Some species live in the park year-round, while others only visit in winter.

The Parc de La Valmasque is open all year round and is free to enter, with plenty of parking nearby as well as a dedicated car park.


  1. The Notre Dame de Vie Chapel

You may notice upon visiting Mougins that the town is fixated on art! It’s safe to say Picasso features heavily in this fixation. Mougins was actually Pablo Picasso’s home during his final years, and his life and works are embedded in the town’s history.

The Notre Dame de Vie medieval chapel, where Picasso lived, was built in the 12th Century and then reconstructed in 1646. The picturesque surroundings captivated Picasso and were once also painted by Winston Churchill. The priory, next door to the chapel, was once Picasso’s private residence and studio. Upon Picasso’s death, the art collection inside was worth in excess of $1 billion. For more information about Pablo Picasso’s French home, read here.

The Chapel Notre-Dame de Vie is free to visit and open:

  • Every day in July and August
  • Weekends in May, June and September
  • Sundays from October to April


  1. The Mougins Museum of Classical Art

Since Mougins is a town so proud of art, one of the best things to do in Mougins is to visit the Musee d’Art Classique. This famous museum is home to a large collection of antiques including Greek, Roman and Egyptian sculptures, vases, coins and jewellery.


Impressively, it is the world’s largest private collection of ancient arms and armour. Explore the lasting influence of the ancient world by viewing ancient, neo-classical and contemporary art displays side by side in this unique museum.

  1. Play a Round of Golf in Mougins

If you’re a fan of golf, you’re in luck! Mougins is renowned for its idyllic golfing environment. One of the best things to do in Mougins is to head to one of the many golf courses.

The Cannes Mougins Golf Club is a highly exclusive golf club featuring a par 71, 18 hole course running over 6000 metres and considered to be a jewel of the Riviera. If you are not a member, not to worry! You can still access the golf course with the Côte d’Azur Golfs Pass. For more information about golfing in Mougins,click here.

  1. The MIP Gardens in Mouans Sartoux

If you fancy venturing slightly outside of Mougins, you should visit the MIP gardens to truly awaken your senses. Used as the plant conservatory for the International Perfume Museum in Grasse, these gardens are home to species of plants traditionally grown for perfumes as well as contributing to the conservation of varietal diversity for perfumery. For more information about the enchanting town of Grasse, read here.


So whether you want to become absorbed by the artistic culture, or spend a luxurious day playing golf, Mougins has something for you! After a long day exploring this beautiful town, why not relax at the Spa Candille? Le Mas Candille is located in the centre of Mougins, making it the perfect destination for your stay. Why not book your Mougins escape today?